Attack from Mars
Mini-Saucer Expansion KitTM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tools are required to install the kit?
A: For this kit, you should have general tools available. The board installs with a philips head screwdriver. Installation of the Attack Hallway LED boards will also require various nut drivers. The various wire connections for the Super Jets features will require a soldering iron and wire stripping tools.

Q: I have a Revenge from Mars pinball machine. Do you have a kit that will work on that game?
A: Sorry, this kit is not designed for Revenge from Mars and it seems doubtful that it can be faithfully refitted for an RFM game.

Q: Since the AFM-LED board draws its power from the Power Driver Board, aren't you worried about overtaxing the game's power supply?
A: With both boards running in the game, +5 volt power consumption certainly will go up ... however, while my game running the entire weekend at California Extreme 2010, we did not encounter any problems, and that was using the original stock power supply in the machine.

Q: Is your board compatible with the Pinbits Blackout Mod?
A: While the boards are indeed compatible, the AFM Expansion board includes the Blackout Mod since the hardware is already on-board. I have spoken to Martin about my kit and he does not see any issue with the existence of similar mods. I heartily encourage you to check out the Pinbits website as they do supply a variety of quality mods for a multitude of pinball machines.

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