Attack from Mars
Mini-Saucer Expansion KitTM

Customer Feedback and Owner's List

Serial No. Owner's Name Location Comments
1Bill Ung Fountain Valley, CA (USA) A wonderful addition to the Attack from Mars Mini-Saucer LED Kit!!!  
2Kerry Stair Wheaton, IL (USA)  
3Robert Winter Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
4Kirk Perry Branchville, NJ (USA)  
5John Brannan Hilliard, OH (USA)  
6Greg Davis Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
7George Mattione Cherry Hills Village, CO (USA)  
8Daniel LASRY Chicago, IL (USA)  
9TJ Beyer Oakland, CA (USA)  
10Joseph Scaletta Jr Gibsonia, PA (USA)  
11THOM WELLER Memphis, TN (USA)  
12John Hoge Holland, OH (USA)  
13Scott Stumpf Algonquin, IL (USA)  
14Scott Stumpf Algonquin, IL (USA)  
15Douglas Huse New Milford, CT (USA)  
16Jesse Trueblood Griffith, IN (USA)  
17Buddy & Menekse Robinson Summit, NJ (USA) Got the new mini led board and hooked it up. Looks great. Thanks
18Ronald Hallett Albany, NY (USA)  
19Michael Doom Syracuse, IN (USA)  
20Kerry Stair Wheaton, IL (USA)  
21Henrique Porto Sao Paulo (Brazil)  
22Phil (Half Life) Franklin, VA (USA) Great kits (both)! I really like how they add to the experience but not become a distraction like some mods can be. Yours look and feel as though they should have been part of the game from the start.
23Mike Limberg Leverkusen (Germany) The Expansion Kit is a realy nice upgrade for the Mini Saucer Led Kit. Looks great and works fine ! I think a must have for any man who owns a AFM with Led Kit.

Go on with your great Stuff !!

24Chris Pavlas Hillsboro, OR (USA) Oh, and awesome kit man, I love your stuff.
25Eric Schmidt Phoenixville, PA (USA) Thanks very much for such a great mod for the AFM.
26Cyril Demaegd Griffith, IN (USA)  
27Jeff Stoutamyer Atlanta, GA (USA)  
28Michael Bratton Talbott, TN (USA)  
29Mike & Nora Matulavich Uniontown, OH (USA) I finally got around to actually playing AFM with the enhanced kit fully installed. It is a fantastic addition to the game and makes it much more fun to play. I know the grandkids and nephews will enjoy it also. Thanks for developing the kit and making it available to the pinball community. Put me first on the list for any future mods that you may produce.
30Richard Harvey London, England (UK)  
31Brad Lovejoy Seattle, WA (USA)  
32Nathan Whiting Duanesburg, NY (USA)  
33Paul Demetriou Lindenhurst, IL (USA)  
34Adam Ferranti Ridgewood, NJ (USA)  
35H W Wright Pacific Palisades, CA (USA)  
36Brent Rudd Cincinnati, OH (USA)  
37Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
38Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
39Jason Perry Stamford, CT (USA)  
40Phoebe Smith Batavia, OH (USA)  
41Trent Augenstein Delaware, OH (USA)  
42Robert Cugini Renton, WA (USA)  
43William Peel Las Cruces, NM (USA)  
44Old North State Amusements, Inc. Benson, NC (USA)  
45Jonathan Jones Carol Stream, IL (USA)  
46Greg Barnes Grand Lake, CO (USA)  
47Thomas Palmer London, Ontario (Canada)  
48Jim McCune Saint George, UT (USA)  
49Erling Grinrød Stavanger, Rogaland (Norway)  
50Severine Lebitter Virey Sous Bar (France)  
51David Bishop Kent (UK)  
52Jamie Weber Nolensville, TN (USA)  
53Planet Nine Pinball Las Vegas, NV (USA)  
54David Kaszuba Ashland, OR (USA)  
55Jean-Francois Maes France  
56Steven Daniels Bellingham, MA (USA)  
57David Ward Kankakee, IL (USA)  
58Marcel Gonzalez Hialeah, FL (USA)  
59Eric Bundy Vernon, CT (USA)  
60David Peterson Johnsburg, IL (USA)  
61Gary W Highland, UT (USA)  
62Andrew Aiken Canada  
63Guy Timmis London, United Kingdom  
64Tony Millband Nottingham, United Kingdom  
65Aaron Van Patten Melrose Park, IL (USA) Thanks for letting me know and all your help with my questions. I am very happy with the AFM and RFM kits, they look amazing and are by far the best mods I have ever added to a game. Everyone that has seen them in my games really likes them.
66Mike Kissinger Blandon, PA (USA) I got it yestersday and installed today. It looks badass!!
67Luke Phillips Australia  
68BigBoss Software LLC Hillsboro, OR (USA)  
69BigBoss Software LLC Hillsboro, OR (USA)  
70Paul Welka San Jose, CA (USA)  
71Kurtis leigh Adams Australia  
72Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
73Eric Johnson Lake Arrowhead, CA (USA)  
74Mike Vanderstelt Twin Lake, MI (USA)  
75Patric Hilgert Germany  
76Marco Lembke Germany  
77Andreas Harre Germany  
78Albert Warner Cumming, GA (USA)  
79Robert Klock Bloomington, IL (USA)  
80Patrick VanCott Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
81Mark Freedman San Diego, CA (USA)  
82Fanny Sunesson Augusta, GA (USA)  
83Benjamin Michael Moser Germany  
84C DeLeon HAYWARD, CA (USA)  
85Martin Reynolds Fremont, CA (USA)  
86LEERGUT NORD, A. Symolka Germany  
87Donald Margolis Beverly Hills, CA (USA)  
88Mark Meyer Eden Prairie, MN (USA)  
89Mark Meyer Eden Prairie, MN (USA)  
90Justin Hamilton Ankeny, IA (USA)  

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