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AFM-Exp-SB1: The LEDs in the Attack Hallway stick out too far and interfere with the ball

January 5, 2011

I have gotten reports that the LEDs stick out too far and can get hit with the ball. Repeated hits with the ball may cause the LEDs to break. The solution to this is to add more layers of foam tape to move the LEDs further into the metal bracket.

To do this properly, you should get the large flathead screwdrivers from the original AFM-LED kit ... or, I actually use the "feet" of one of the old brackets.

Gently pry the board apart from the metal bracket so as not to break any of the LEDs. Start with the area closest to the LEDs, or the sharp angle will put pressure on the LEDs causing damage.

Once you have the parts separated, remove all the existing foam before applying new foam. If you are having trouble, a little heat will help soften up the glue.

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The thicker foam will cause the board to block the screw holes, so it will be necessary to install the bracket first, and then mount the board behind it.

My thanks to Kerry Stair for experimenting and coming up with this solution, and Buddy Robinson for helping fine-tune the upgrade procedure.

AFM-Exp-SB2: Attack Hallway board cables may interfere with the red stand-up targets

January 5, 2011

The cables that connect to the Attack Hallway boards may interfere with the red stand-up targets. The solution to this is to add a cable guide to each side, pulling the wires away from the stand-up targets. This should also reduce the amount of shadow that shows up on the plastics overhead.

Here is a sample picture of how the cables guides should be installed:

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My thanks again go to Kerry Stair for sending in the pics and coming up with the cable guide solution.

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