Attack from Mars (Remake)
Mini-Saucer and Expansion KitTM

Chapter 5: Setting up the Hallway LEDs
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Next we will work on installing the "Hallway" LEDs (aka "Runway Lights"), located under the Mothership.

It's very helpful to remove the Mothership itself, by undoing the two screws located behind the Mothership bracket. You may lay the Mothership in the bottom of the game, or sometimes you can just mount it backwards. Just be sure not to close the playfield on it!

Remove the original brackets and then unwrap the new brackets. The LED boards are designed to fit through the holes. Remove the protective film, and mount the LED board onto the bracket using the supplied double-face foam tape.

Try and mount the LED board as flat as possible, to provide good clearance for the new Phillips-head screws, located in the goodie bag.

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Chapter 5: Setting up the Hallway LEDs
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