Elvira: Hey, Let's Party!!!

Party, indeed. A lavishly decorated machine, playful party monsters afoot, and the Mistress of the Dark herself. "Elvira and the Party Monsters" had to be the most eye-catching pinball machine of its time. With everyone from Dracula to the Blob, Boogie Men to Dead Heads, bats, spiders and even the Man in the Moon ... if this wasn't a party, I don't know what is!

"Elvira" is a game by Dennis Nordman, and certainly one of his finest pieces (in my opinion, of course). General gameplay, interlaced with quotes from Elvira and various Party Monsters, is delighfully goofy and wonderfully campy ... nothing but fun. If for no other reason, this game wins on sheer implementation of the theme.

What's so fun about it? Well, my personal favorite has always been the dancing Boogie Men (use the "back" button to get out!!), who've earned their own web page. :-) But, there's always the Skull Lock, the Barbecue, the Monster Slide, and, of course, the risque quotes from Elvira.

After many years (and many replays), Elvira *had* to become part of my collection. I hunted one down (actually, I hunted down several, but this is the one that had the right condition, at the right price), and Elvira joined my collectio in mid-1996. As luck would have it, nobody had gotten around to writing a rulesheet for Elvira, so I did. You may download the latest copy here: http://www.pinball.org/rulesheets/elvira.htm/. The rulesheet contains gobs more information about the game, so I won't go duplicating it here.

Today, the game continues to be popular among the masses, and largely due to the popularity of Elvira herself, the pin is something of a collectors piece. Several of the original Elvira games were sold directly to the home market. Williams/Bally must have noticed this, as they have now produced a sequel to "Elvira", a new game called Scared Stiff.

Elvira *does* have a web page of her own at http://www.elvira.com/.

"Elvira and the Party Monsters", and dozens of other things in here are probably copyright Midway Manufacturing Co., Manufacturers of Bally Amusement Games.

"Elvira" and "Mistress of the Dark" are trademarks of QUEEN "B" PRODUCTIONS.

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