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The year was 1986. Pinball was slowly recovering from the near death-blow, delivered by a world of snazzy video games. Still, people weren't satisfied with shooting aliens, eating dots, or blasting asteroids, they needed a silver ball fix.

Enter High Speed.

Bright lights, shiny chrome rails, and a flashing beacon light, High Speed touted "Hot Action Pinball" and it wasn't kidding. For its time, High Speed was a very fast-paced game with a lot going on. A familiar theme (who doesn't drive?), with a familiar goal (who hasn't been chased by the cops?) combined with a rockin' soundtrack, flashing lights, and blaring sirens ... you can even hear the cops on the radio!!!

High Speed was designed by pinball mastermind, Steve Ritchie, whose credits include an impressive line of games such as: Airborne Avenger, Superman, Flash, Stellar Wars, Firepower, Black Knight, Hyperball, High Speed, F-14 Tomcat, Black Knight 2000, Rollergames, Terminator 2, High Speed 2: The Getaway, Star Trek: The Next Generation and finally, No Fear.

You may pick up my rulesheet for High Speed, here: http://www.pinball.org/rulesheets/hspeed1.htm. It was my first, and mostly written before I even owned the game. I did go back and give it a face-lift ... though if you find any errors, certainly E-Mail me, about them.

High Speed did it's job and did it well, for up until I'd met High Speed, I really didn't play pinball at all. It literally sucked me in and for many years, I was surrounded by it. With an impressive 13,000+ unit run, High Speed was everywhere; and I played ... well, everywhere! :-) It was only after several years of playing neglected games, and the birth of rec.games.pinball, that the idea of actually *owning* a High Speed, came to mind.

Thus, High Speed became my first pinball machine in mid-1992. As I've always maintained, it was the best $800 I've ever spent. That game kept me entertained for a full year-and-a-half before I even thought about buying another. Of course, pinball machines get lonely, you can't really just have one, so this was really just the beginning.

As such, High Speed remains a special game in my heart. Sure, flashier pins have come and gone, but you always sorta remember your first, right?

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