Whitewater: Go with the Flow!!!

Whitewater is pretty much your under-rated game. The production run wasn't very high, but it's loved by the serious pinball playing populace. Friends tell me it works as a street machine as well so I've no idea why it had such a low production run.

Whitewater, on the surface, is a very fun-to-play game, and it is, but to truly enjoy Whitewater, you must learn the rules of the game. Built by Dennis Nordman, this game has some serious complexity built into the rules. Players have found themselves planning shots five and six in advance (not entirely unlike a game of chess). In short, this wasn't just a pinball game, it was also a game of *strategy*. Suffice it to say, if you want to *really* enjoy playing Whitewater, you should probably read up on the game rules. Whitewater has a both a rulesheet and a tips sheet, available from www.pinball.org.

Brightly colored and lavishly decorated, Whitewater does not age well. An even slightly dirty playfield looks incredibly dingy, and earnings will probably go down. Whitewater games in nice condition are getting harder and harder to find. Good thing I've already got mine! :-)

Despite the fabulous playfield, and intricate rules, the software is somewhat less than stellar, with many glaring bugs. So many, in fact, that Dan Farris is keeping a list.

Still, it's an incredibly fun game to play. It was the first game to implement the famed "Vacation Jackpot", and was also the first to include a "Secret Passage" (also found on another Dennis Nordman game, "Scared Stiff"). I highly recommend it and don't forget to...

"Get the Extra Ball, Ya Wiener!!!"

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