Attack from Mars
Mini-Saucer LED KitTM

How to purchase the AFM Mini-Saucer LED Kit

The AFM Mini-Saucer LED Kit includes everything you need to add this feature to your Attack from Mars pinball machine. Installation is non-intrusive, you do not need to permanently modify your game in any way to install the kit. Power for the kit is drawn directly from the Power Driver Board. The kit does not require batteries, and there is no soldering required.

The following items are included in the kit:
    1 printed circuit board
    6 mini-saucer LED units w/ connecting cords (saucers are not included)
    1 wire harness w/ mounting hardware (for Q25)
    4 backbox mounting brackets w/ screws
    1 spare 1/2amp GMA fuse
    Complimentary set of mini-screwdrivers for quick installation
    Roll of electrical tape (preventative maintenance)
    Zip-ties to secure the saucer cords.
    Installation instructions
November 2018: The AFM-LED kit is presently Out of Stock.

Please send E-Mail to be added to the waiting list.

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