Attack from Mars
Mini-Saucer LED KitTM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tools are required to install the kit?
A: Installation of the board only requires a phillips head screwdriver. Installation of the mini-saucer LED units can be mounted inside your saucers with the use of a small flat-head jewelers screwdriver. Installation of the Q25 connector should be able to use the same jewelers screwdriver. I am now including a jeweler's screwdriver set with every kit, so you should have everything you need, right in the box.

Q: I am missing some mini-saucers on my game. Does the kit come with any replacement saucers, or do you sell these?
A: The kit does not include any mini-saucers, nor do I have any currently for sale. I purchased my own replacements from various pinball parts supply houses in early 2004 ... so it is quite possible that there are still NOS parts available. Also, as of November 10th, 2004 ... IPB is reproducing these parts from the original molds. You can pick them up from these vendors: Some of the above links are subject to change, depending on available stock. If you hear of a new source, please send E-Mail.

Q: I have a Revenge from Mars pinball machine. Do you have a kit that will work on that game?
A: Why yes I do!! Please visit the RFM-LED section of the site.

Q: Can you do other LED colors besides red? Blue LEDs would look super-cool!!
A: Yes, other colors are certainly possible. Even mixed colors could be done. There would likely be a surcharge for the custom parts/work. Email me first for a quote on any custom order.

Q: Don't you think those silverish wires coming of the mini-saucers will "stick out" a bit on the playfield?
A: These are prototype parts. I didn't think about adding shrink-tubing before I made them. All production units will come with black shrink-tubing added.

Q: Since the AFM-LED board draws its power from the Power Driver Board, aren't you worried about overtaxing the game's power supply?
A: Thankfully, LEDs actually use very, very little power. The AFM-LED board is fused at 1/2amp ... I have run tests with all 48 LEDs running and the fuse does not even get warm. For reference, the game's +5 volt power supply is fused at a full 4amps. The AFM-LED board only uses the +5 volt power from the game.

Q: Didn't I hear about some other Attack from Mars LED modification?
A: Yes, you did. In early February 2004, a man named Mark made a post to, about a different Attack from Mars LED mod. His idea was to add mini-LEDs in as glowing red eyes for the four martians. This mod was widely applauded by the regulars of RGP, and several of them (myself included) asked about the possibility of him making kits available. I still hope he does.

Q: Why not just build a board that supports eight saucers?
A: Adding support for two more saucers would require more time to develop and test, and would ultimately increase the base cost of the kit without any immediate reward. If I find a good way to use the remaining 16 LEDs before production, then the board could be extended to drive the additional LEDs. If not, I have included expansion ports where a second board could someday be piggy-backed.

Q: Hey, I've got a similar idea for another game. Can I use your board?
A: I'm certainly not opposed to using the board for other games. It is extendable and can control up to 64 independent lights (though this will likely cost more). Send me some E-Mail and I'm sure we could work on something together. This would be a low priority item for me right now, though.

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