Attack from Mars
Mini-Saucer LED KitTM

Customer Feedback and Owner's List

Serial No. Owner's Name Location Comments
1Bill Ung Fountain Valley, CA (USA) Best Mod Evar!!!  
2Al Warner Cumming, GA (USA) I said it on RGP, this might be the coolest MOD ever! It's just a stunning thing. I have a friend with an AFM who doesn't like MODs too much - he'll be ordering one. I'm so glad I ordered it (first). Bill's attention to detail is awesome. WOrth every penny!
3Robert Winter Los Angeles, CA (USA) Professional kit all the way around. Production quality PCB came in a static bag and there are clips to install in the backbox so you can mount it just like the other PCBs back there. Looks factory.

If you own or are even thinking of someday owning an AFM, BUY THIS KIT! You will NOT be disappointed.

4Oyvind Moll Trondheim, Norway  
5John Ilgenfritz Cocoa, FL (USA) This is an amazing mod. It looks so cool, but it is not overpowering. The LEDs are just the right brightness. The patterns are well mixed and not noticeably repetitive. All components are high quality. Well worth every penny. Best mod ever!
6Paul Drabik Green Brook, NJ (USA) I finally got the kit installed ... very very attractive. We will be putting this at our arcade location: Eight On The Break, North Ave (Rt28), Dunellen, NJ
7Peter Hoerber Gig Harbor, WA (USA) This kit is an AWESOME addition to an already great game. Also, I love how the patterns are integrated with game play/modes etc. Excellent effect for an already cool Strobe Multi Ball and also livens up the action on Video Mode as well. Congrats to Bill for a job well done! Thanks again!!
8Greg Kemnitz Plymouth, MN (USA)  
9Alan Whittle Fresno, CA (USA) It was kinda cool having the only AFM in the world with flashing mini saucers (at California Extreme 2004).
10Brian Eddy Chicago, IL (USA)  
11Torbjörn Molander Tullinge, Sweden The Kit is installed and my AFM looks better than ever! I'm really satisfied with it; detailed easy-to-understand instructions, good quality on the hardware and a light effect that's really worth it's price. Great job! :) I will definately recommend this kit to all my friends. Good luck with your business.


12John R. Graves Monument, CO (USA) I think this adds a lot to the game. The sequences are very nice. There is no way someone could tell it was not part of the original game. The LEDs fit perfectly. Thanks for the mod. Good work.
13Philip Pietrafeso Park Ridge, NJ (USA)  
14Tim Buteyn Woodridge, IL (USA)  
15Bryan Jozwiak Bartlett, IL (USA)  
16Jeff Stoutamyer Atlanta, GA (USA) Enjoy it very much. I really like the alternating patterns versus having to pick just one pattern.
17TheKorn Skokie, IL (USA)  
18Kevin Steele North Royalton, OH (USA) I still get a kick out of just watching the LEDs, sometimes not even bothering to play a game. ;-)   Please feel free to create more great mods. You do great work!


19Mark Guidarelli Long Beach, CA (USA)  
20Stuart Caines Moe, Victoria, Australia  
21Paul Tyner (USA) Oviedo, FL (USA) I would like to commend Bill on a job well done. This is the most enhancing mod that I have added to my machine so far. All the lights are awesome going through their ever changing flashing pattern modes. Also I'd like to say I was well infomed with the email notifications on the progress and have never got quicker responses to my email questions or input. I hope he thinks of another good mod !!
22Dan Gossett Cathedral City, CA (USA) I got the led kit installed in my AFM and it looks great!
23Peter Hoerber Gig Harbor, WA (USA)  
24Steve Tsubota Newport Coast, CA (USA) Congratulations Bill, you've done a nice job on this, and a great job of communicating and keeping everyone in the loop.
25Jeff Finger Janesville, WI (USA) It is a very cool mod, Bill. Definately a big step above most if not all of the mods out there. Adds a lot to the game and really shows the game off in attract mode.
26Rick Prince Broomall, PA (USA)  
27Timothy Knight Durango, CO (USA)  
28Timothy Knight Durango, CO (USA)  
29Dann Frank Scottsdale, AZ (USA)  
30Dann Frank Scottsdale, AZ (USA)  
31Dann Frank Scottsdale, AZ (USA)  
32Jerry ClauseNew Baltimore, MI (USA)  
33Matt Leyba Golden, CO (USA)  
34Kerry Stair Wheaton, IL (USA) Awesum kit for my favorite game. A must have kit !!
35Jeff Tjaden Montgomery Village, MD (USA)  
36Robert Bunting II Ada, MI (USA)  
37David Kaszuba Ashland, OR (USA) The added effects are just what this game needs. It feels as if this was left off from the factory run. Very nice kit and fits the theme, and physically into the game, very well.
38Hank Wright Pacific Palisades, CA (USA) This is one of the best add-ons for a pin. Now when I see an AFM it looks like it is naked without the kit. I can say without reserveration, that the kit is a must have for every AFM owner. I just installed the kit and it works great. Thank you for putting it together. I hope that you are selling lots of these and that it was worth your time.
39Kraig Ashley Roswell, GA (USA)  
40Jeffrey Giesting Fishers, IN (USA) Frankly, this mod of yours is among the very best - if not "THE" best! It's very well engineered and implemented. It helps to take my AFM to the next level. WMS should have done it originally...
41Jim Belsito Rialto, CA (USA) Awesome......looks great
42Mark Squires Swavesey, Cambridgeshire (UK) Superb quality board and design work
43Tony Giannone Chelmsford, MA (USA) Fantastic! It's the perfect modification for an already perfect game! Thanks, Bill!
44Tord Korfitsen Stockholm, Sweden  
45Toney Priewe Monroe, WI (USA) Really takes the AFM to the next level! Light show great during play, just like a factory option missed by most AFM owners.
46Alan Hubbard Los Altos, CA (USA)  
47Gregory Wolfe Akron, OH (USA) I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are thinking about purchasing one of Bill Ung's AFM-LED kits do not hesitate. It is spectacular! I absolutely love it. I'm not fond of mods but this looks like it belongs there. Great instructions and very professional parts. Thanks Bill. Great Job!
48Tara Bostrom Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
49Andreas Harre Peiner Weg, Germany  
50Christopher Heffner Fleetwood, PA (USA) The kit is incredible! It truly is the missing touch that finishes the overall effect of the game. Even my wife, the eyeroller, thought it was well worth the money. After putting this kit in I can't imagine it the other way. A very professional package, well designed, and well executed. Also, when I had an install question my email was answered within minutes! That's service. Thanks again, Bill. It is guys like you that make this hobby worthwhile by making something fun better!
51David Knight Roswell, GA (USA) Looks very well made, but haven't installed it yet.
52Mark Bakula Dexter, MI (USA) If you like adding kits to your games to enhance them, then I would highly recommend this kit. I have installed numerous kits and found this one to be extremely easy (although it took just over an hour) to install with the best effects of any of the kits (TZ, IJ, SS, TAF TOM, and STTNG) I have installed to date.
53Craig Comparato Chicago, IL (USA) Totaly agree that this is one awesome kit. The board is well designed and not too hard to install. Great effect!
54Ian Bailey Sheffield, South Yorkshire (UK)  
55Donald Whiting Schenectady, NY (USA)  
56Vicki Nash Huntington Beach, CA (USA)  
57Joseph Bilisoly Bartlett, IL (USA) The kit totally enhances the look of the game and I think it especially looks cool during video mode and strobe multiball when very little (if anything) else is lit. I lit Rule the Universe but failed to hit the stroke of luck hole the first time I played it after installing the LED's. Must have gotten a little distracted with all those lights (hee hee). Anyway, great job, I love it.
58OLaf Boothe Kalkar Wissel, Germany  
59Philip Ward Auckland, New Zealand  
60Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
61Kevin Strasser Brunswick, GA (USA) Best Mod of the Year! If you have an AFM you simply have to buy this! Had a small problem with one of the lights. Bill promptly shipped me a replacement and even paid for all of the extra postage. Great customer service!
62Ian Bailey Sheffield, South Yorkshire (UK)  
63Scott Pritchard Long Beach, CA (USA)  
64Robert Strauss Myakka City, FL (USA)  
65Roger Thornton Holmfirth, West Yorkshire (UK)  
66Walter Lonzen Juelich, Germany Pics:
67Jeremy RossBeloit, WI (USA) Bar-none it's the best aftermarket mod you add to your AFM. Excellent installation planning on your part. Well worth the cost.
68David Rowe Beloit, WI (USA)  
69Karl Ruehs Phoenix, AZ (USA) The mini-saucer mod is totaly cool, glad I got it!! Bill's mod seems like it was supposed to have been installed at the factory but they never got to it, looks very original only better.
70Al Flack Rapid City, SD (USA) I put the AFM kit in a couple of weeks ago....too freakin cool! I thought the RFM kit was awesome but you went way out of your way on this mod, very very cool!
71Brian Pinkham Jackson, NJ (USA)  
72TJ Beyer (California Extreme) Mountain View, CA (USA)  
73Gian Cordella Fort Meyers Beach, FL (USA)  
74William Wormgoor Lochem, The Netherlands You did a real nice job with the kit makes the AFM much more attractive
75Christopher Newsom Charlottesville, PA (USA)  
76Cliff Piel Center Valley, PA (USA) I would certainly encourage you to keep developing MOD kits. You seem to have found a niche and certainly have the talent. I believe there is definitely a market for solid, tasteful, affordable MOD kits such as your first AFM one - and no one else seems to be pursuing it.
77Marcus Bergen Hood River, OR (USA) These kits are one of the most well thought-out and constructed mods of any pinball mod out there!. Very professional- better than WMS.
78Dan Maertens Andover, MN (USA)  
79James Larson Pfafftown, NC (USA)  
80Ron Salny Rockaway, NJ (USA) Bill, awesome job. I have a perfect AFM with a NOS playfield installed. It looks amazing. Strobe multiball had me speechless. Thanks and nice professional job.
81Rush Luangsuwan Woodbridge, IL (USA) The Chicago pinball league met at my house tonight. Overall, everyone had something positive to say about the LED mod. Most people said they had seen in on the internet, but it looked way cooler in person. A couple people even said that it was something that they were going to have to get on their own machine, after now seeing it in person.
82Roman Wagner Modesto, CA (USA)  
83Michael Taylor Lake Orion, MI (USA)  
84Tim Paule Lakeside, CA (USA)  
85Tim Paule Lakeside, CA (USA)  
86George Halivopoulos Monroe, NJ (USA) I must say Bill, your saucer leds are just beautiful. I just love bringing my guests over and telling them, "you gotta see this" and seeing the look in their eyes. It really brings the game to a whole new level. I sometimes just leave the game on just for the special effects.
87Joe Kaderabek Strongsville, OH (USA)  
88Jeff Schmidt Saint Louis, MO (USA)  
89Dan Marquardt Woodridge, IL (USA)  
90Alvin Ellis Marietta, GA (USA)  
91John Pedrotti Pittsburgh, PA (USA) I received the kit today and just installed it, IT IS AWESOME!!! (I couldn't stop once I tested it and saw how cool the lights were, so it's 1:30 am all of a sudden and I am going to be pretty tired at work tomorrow!)

It installs easily and really makes that game more exciting, thank you for putting these together and making them available.

92Jason Weibel Gilberts, IL (USA)  
93Tim Maleck Manchaca, TX (USA)  
94Ken Schumm Banks, OR (USA) Thanks, Bill! It will be a few months before it gets installed but I'm looking forward to the new lighting effects.
95TimeCycle Couriers Philadelphia, PA (USA)  
96Marcus Trevino Alpharetta, GA (USA)  
97Dave Cadieux Oak Lawn, IL (USA)  
98Rob Walker Milpitas, CA (USA)  
99Mike Romero Pasadena, CA (USA)  
100Lyman F. Sheats Chicago, IL (USA)  
101Steve Rizzone Newport Beach, CA (USA)  
102Matthias Maggos Hampton, VA (USA)  
103Robert Whitley Saint Peters, MO (USA)  
104James Whitemyer Wheaton, IL (USA)  
105Mary Ellen Dunning Cumberland, Ontario, Canada  
106Doug and Rebecca Grant Olathe, KS (USA) Put in my saucer mod today from Bill. It looked like a daunting project considering all the parts that came in the box. For those sitting on the fence as to whether to buy this kit, I say do it!

The kit had everything you could ever need for this install. He even included a kit of jewlers screwdrivers and a roll of electrical tape! :)

The directions were absolutely spot on and even included the fact that the lock washer on one of the mounting screws would probably need to be removed to fit better. Cool.

It took me about an hour and a half to 2 hours. The only problem I had was two of the LED's had broken their solder joint. I quickly touched them with an iron and all was good (shipping can be rough even when packaging is perfectly suitable.

It is rare you get a kit like this and everything is there, the directions are spot on, and the thing actually works!! Thank you for a very well thought-out addition to my game.

Bill, is there any chance you might start writing install directions for children's toys? So many parents would thank you on Christmas Eve!! ;)

107Scott Schalmo Hubertus, WI (USA)  
108Amy Jankow Macomb, MI (USA)  
109S P Haxton Vogeltown, Wellington, New Zealand Your lights are fantastic...better than i imagined! They really set the game off, and I'm glad you are having a third successful run of them.
110Les Potts Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (UK)  
111Brad Plevyak Enola, PA (USA) The AFM mini-saucer kit is all that I dreamed of and more. It is bar none the best mod for any machine that I've ever purchased. While the install takes a little while, it couldn't be much easier -- I even managed to run every wire without even removing a single playfield item (just to see if I could!). The first time I powered on my game after the mod was installed felt like the first time I brought it home again. Thanks for making this mod, and for your contributions to the community! If you're hesitating on buying this, don't -- No AFM should be without it.
112Kevin Stone Chattanooga, TN (USA) Wanted to thank you for your LED kit for the AFM.

The kit kicks ass and the design is super well done!!!

113Thorsten Heldt Duisburg, Germany  
114Jennifer McGrady Markham, Ontario, Canada  
115Richard Swanson Morristown, TN (USA)  
116Dale Garbutt Sumas, WA (USA) Just had to comment on how great the saucers look with he LED's, definitely more of a completion of what should have been. than a modification. Bill deserves a lot of praise for his work. Because I have 2 AFM's. I bought 2 kits, one red, one green. I have been experimenting with different combinations of colors, and have found that a combination of 3 green and 3 red looks really cool. Only complaint that I have with the green LED's is that they don't reflect off the flasher domes the way the red ones do, so they don't appear as bright. I may try some RFM green dome saucers to see if that works better.
117Dale Garbutt Sumas, WA (USA) (see above)
118Holger Rohrbach Ober-Moerlen, Germany  
119Steven Lovrich Onalaska, WI (USA)  
120Rogerio Alves London (UK)  
121Robert Hurley Burke, VA (USA)  
122Rob Walker Milpitas, CA (USA)  
123Rob Walker Milpitas, CA (USA)  
124Timothy Rich Rochester, NY (USA)  
125Ian Bailey Sheffield, South Yorkshire (UK)  
126David Schulpius Waukesha, WI (USA)  
127Passarieu jean-philippe Houilles, France  
128Jeremy M Ross Beloit, WI (USA)  
129Dr. Denis G. Schreiber Westlake, OH (USA)  
130Scott Dickson Matthews, NC (USA)  
131Dennis Klein Port Orchard, WA (USA)  
132Virtual Realities Galveston, TX (USA)  
133Hemispheres Inc. Lombard, IL (USA)  
134Hemispheres Inc. Lombard, IL (USA)  
135Randy Peck Long Beach, CA (USA)  
136Tom Altenbach Rommerskirchen, Germany  
137Tom Altenbach Rommerskirchen, Germany  
138Tom Altenbach Rommerskirchen, Germany  
139Tom Altenbach Rommerskirchen, Germany  
140Tom Altenbach Rommerskirchen, Germany  
141James Green Greensburg, PA (USA)  
142Alan Penner Santa Barbara, CA (USA)  
143Mark Koehler Norcross, GA (USA)  
144David Kaszuba Ashland, OR (USA)  
145Steve Dadouche Lake Zurich, IL (USA)  
146Phase 3 Imaging Systems Boothwyn, PA (USA)  
147Phase 3 Imaging Systems Boothwyn, PA (USA)  
149Harold mozwecz Naperville, IL (USA)  
150Harold mozwecz Naperville, IL (USA)  
151Michael Paul Burlington, WA (USA)  
152Stefan Frensch Löhnberg, Germany  
153Andrew Limerick Jessup, MD (USA) Put the AFM LED kit in along with rebuilding pop bumpers (bastards), putting in all the various protectors, cleaning, lights, more cleaning, rubbers, cleaning, waxing, rebuilding flippers, and did I mention cleaning. Fun snow day project. Kit fired right up and looks great. Instructions are clear. Kit is profesional. Thanks for the screw drivers already used them for lots of other things. Great fun.
154Tom Fischels Independence, IA (USA) Just wanted to pop in on this and say that Bill does a fine job on this kit. I have one here that I will be putting on a full restore in the next week.

Bill has great customer service, email him and he does respond.

He includes everything you will need for the job even tossed in tape, and mini screw drivers to name a couple of items..

The board is a-1 first class it's not cheesy, in fact it's much nicer than alot of aftermarket items I have seen over the years.

I have been involved in some aftermarket products for vids, and I know how difficult it is to make a nice product, support it, and keep everyone happy all at the same time.

at the price he is selling them for he is giving them away!

Seriously I can't see anything negative on this product.

Very nicely done Bill!

155Chris Thompson Antioch, CA (USA)  
156Trent Augenstein Delaware, OH (USA)  
157William Gutowitz New York, NY (USA)  
158Rian Lawrence APO, AE (USA)  
159Phase 3 Imaging Systems Boothwyn, PA (USA)  
160Elden Majors Alexandria, VA (USA)  
161Rick Munson San Jose, CA (USA)  
162Rick Munson San Jose, CA (USA)  
163Rick Munson San Jose, CA (USA)  
164Rick Munson San Jose, CA (USA)  
165Rick Munson San Jose, CA (USA)  
166No Scholl Brunssum, Limburg, Netherlands  
167Steve Shawver Wichita Falls, TX (USA)  
168Christopher Riegel Plano, TX (USA)  
169Kerry-Anne Savage Doncaster, South Yorkshire (UK)  
170Glen Taylor Palatine, IL (USA) Installed it the other day. Saucer # 6 LED assy. had a problem. Called Bill and got a replacement in a couple of days. Finished installation and IT IS COOL.Get one if you have a AFM. Also thank you Bill for the speedy repair part.
171Kregg Wilson Seattle, WA (USA)  
172Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
173Buddy & Menekse Robinson Summit, NJ (USA) The change in the light show is nothing less than stunning. Took me about 3hrs though, not difficult but time consuming if you do it right. It's the best mod to any game I've seen bar none. Talk about a complete package - he thought of everything from electrical tape to mini screwdriver.
174Mike Nichols Reno, NV (USA)  
175John White Allen Park, MI (USA) Just want to make it public what a great product the AFM UFO LED kit is. My family and I all love it, and it is the perfect addition to the gameroom with this mod. The kit took less than 2 hours to install and went real smooth with the supplied directions.

The kit is bug free and working as said it would when it arrived, too bad it took me 2 weeks after christmas to get it installed.

176Daniel Goett Columbia, MO (USA) An amazing kit. Installed in about an hour and a half and was able to route the wires without removing even 1 screw. Online directions are very thorough. Only downside is my scores have gone way down because I'm too busy enjoying the saucer mod! :)
177Kyle Wren Hamilton, OH (USA) I can't say enough good things about this kit, the quality of the construction, the great instructions, and specifically the obvious amount of time Bill has studied the existing AFM game program and effects and getting his kit to integrate in with it. I have to admit I initially passed on this kit as I wasn't really interested in "random blinking lights", but Bill has done an excellent job (IMHO) of making this kit seem stock.

So far I've had pretty positive comments from the people that have seen it. The only reservation I heard is in regard to the price, I guess my thought on that is you really have to consider what is involved in this kit before you dismiss it on that account. The guy developed a custom PCB that mounts into the existing game with no permanent modifications, running a custom program, etc. This is not just lights that are Y split off of an existing circuit (not knocking those mods, I have several on other games and they are great as well).

And the guy even returned my call on the one question that I had on a Saturday night, you can't get better customer service than that!

178Michael Haberman Ellicott City, MD (USA) I've installed Bill Ung's awesome Mini Saucer LED Kit recently and what a nice addition. The kit truly adds to the pin and is really well done.

Pictures: Habo's "Attack from Mars" Page

179Matt Masters Greenfield, IN (USA) Thanks again for the wonderful saucer mod! Put it in this weekend, and it is awesome. The quality is superb and your service is excellent. Truly a must have for AFM!
180Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
181Chad Keller Wildwood, MO (USA) I am not big on mods but after installing your mod on an AFM we restored it sold me.

Pictures: Keller Pinball's restored "Attack from Mars"

182Chad Keller Wildwood, MO (USA)  
183Chad Keller Wildwood, MO (USA)  
184Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
185John Grus Elmwood Park, NJ (USA) Very, Very, Very nice kit and the green does it for me man!

Pictures: John Grus's Custom Green Attack from Mars

186Michelle Richardson Kent, OH (USA)  
187Mark Bartalesi Perth, Western Australia  
188Michael Gress Muskego, WI (USA)  
189Alltek Systems and Controls Chesapeake, VA (USA)  
190Timothy Crowley Eagle River, AK (USA)  
191Joseph Fix Raynham, MA (USA) Count me as one of your many fans. The results were better than I even expected. Your website and printed instructions were clear and concise. The website video doesn't do it justice ! I seriously doubt that there is a mod ANYWHERE that adds as much to ANY machine as yours does to AFM. Worth every cent !
192Chris Hutchins Matthews, NC (USA)  
193Allen Shope (Treasure Cove) Jeffersonville, IN (USA)  
194Mark Williams Newmarket, Ontario, Canada  
195Tom Fischels Independence, IA (USA)  
196Jeremy M Ross Beloit, WI (USA)  
197Jeremy M Ross Beloit, WI (USA)  
198Jerry Thompson Auburn, WA (USA)  
199Michael Mathisen Phoenixville, PA (USA)  
200Brian Lambert Charlotte NC (USA)  
201Ian Holloway Blackpool, Lancashire (UK)  
202John Ilgenfritz Cocoa, FL (USA)  
203Dan Littlejohn Austin, TX (USA)  
204Roger L. Los Angeles, CA (USA) Fantastic, I just love it! I'm not really into mods on pinballs but this one is just superb!!
205Erik Jacobs Rockford, IL (USA) Installation was a breeze. Bill included everything you could possibly need - screwdriver set; roll of electrical tape; plastic zip ties; mounting hardware ... I was up and running in no time and it looks great.

And the BEST thing about the AFM-LED kit???? -- It makes you play great! I've owned my AFM for longer than I care to admit and have never Ruled the Universe - until tonight! I got it just after installing the mod (and no, I didn't ease up on the settings!). I damn near got it again too, but drained the last two balls ....

206Chris Enright Ladera Ranch, CA (USA)  
207Ian Bailey South Yorkshire (UK)  
208David Jones Beavercreek, OH (USA) Looks great, Thanks!
209James Lange Chaska, MN (USA)  
210F Louis Perazzoli Redmond, WA (USA)  
211Paul Demetriou Lindenhurst, IL (USA)  
212Scott Freeman Westland, MI (USA) I am basically a purest, and I don't spend money any mods.

Like others, I hesitated on installing Bill's mod, because of the price, and the installation. Boy, am I glad I went through with the update!

This mod is unlike any other. Bill's mod takes the small saucers and makes them look 'finished', as the way they should have come from the factory. I almost could not believe how 'cheap' the saucers look without the mod. I had the opportunity to see Bill's mod installed in John White's AFM, before ordering, and right then and there I knew this kit was meant for every AFM.

I recommend to anyone, that wants to add a "wow" factor, to their AFM, they should rush to get one of Bill's mods, if they still can.

213Bruce Klapman Inc. Glenview, IL (USA)  
214Micheal Webb Birmingham, AL (USA)  
215Micheal Webb Birmingham, AL (USA)  
216Adam Taylor Acton, MA (USA)  
217David Ouvry Vicksburg, MI (USA)  
218Peter Zathey Woodbury, NY (USA)  
219Mark Pettet Beaverton, OR (USA)  
220Marcus Ost Goteborg, Sweden  
221Daniel Zuk Bartlett, IL (USA)  
222Doug Hay Brookfield, WI (USA)  
223Arnie Christensen Lincoln, NE (USA)  
224Arnie Christensen Lincoln, NE (USA)  
225Arnie Christensen Lincoln, NE (USA)  
226Michael Bourke York, NE (USA)  
227Richard Zelano Greenville, RI (USA)  
228Todd DeStefani Sacramento, CA (USA)  
229Walter Lonzen Juelich, Germany Pics:
230Laura Wood Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
231Mike Vanderstelt Twin Lake, MI (USA)  
232James Buschmeier Washington Crossing, PA (USA) I just finished putting in the kit and wanted to let you know that it looks very cool. Can't say enough good things about your kit. It's professionally done, looks like it belongs there and pretty easy to install. It is a must do mod.

Funny thing, was I started out by installing your kit and quickly found myself fixing minor things or cleaning things that were long over due... so the few hours turned into a few more then that... but AFM looks and plays great!

Great mod Bill. Look forward to your next creation.

233Mike Milligan San Jose, CA (USA)  
234Frank Toth Benson, NC (USA)  
235Steven Smith Leominster, MA (USA) Thanks very much Bill for everything and especially for creating the best pinball mod there is.
236Michael Sullivan Bloomfield, CT (USA)  
237Tim Storm Machesney Park, IL (USA)  
238Bruce Nightingale Victor, NY (USA)  
239Lynn Weimer West Palm Beach, FL (USA)  
240Mike Purcell Halifax, Canada  
241Ralf Marquardt Hamburg, Germany  
242Pinball Mania Westerham, Kent (UK)  
243John Ridgway Orange, CA (USA)  
244Marco Vinci Renningen/Malmsheim (Germany)  
245Mike McAndrew Canfield, OH (USA)  
246Sean Kearney Lake Worth, FL (USA)  
247Kevin Egler Hampton, VA (USA)  
248Chris Hutchins Matthews, NC (USA) I have installed 9 of these kits so far and make it a part of every AFM restoration I do.It is well made and one of the best mods out there.
249Chris Hutchins Matthews, NC (USA)  
250James Crismale Oradell, NJ (USA) This kit is very impressive on many fronts. The PCB is engineered extremely well. The LEDs for diagnostic purposes are a great feature to make sure all is running well before you even hook up the saucers. Wiring was a snap. The LEDs fit absolutely perfectly in the saucers, and the effects are outstanding. Really enhances the game, making a great game greater. Instructions were clear and concise.

An AFM looks naked without your kit. Job well done!

251Dave Bishop Calgary, Alberta (Canada)  
252Ken FitzHenry Round Lake, IL (USA)  
253Ian Bailey South Yorkshire (UK)  
254Ian Bailey South Yorkshire (UK)  
255Mike McAndrew Canfield, OH (USA)  
256Scott Johnson Sun Prairie, WI (USA)  
257Scott Johnson Sun Prairie, WI (USA)  
258Ben Gonzalez San Jose, CA (USA)  
259Steve Mavrelos Easton, PA (USA) I've been following this thread and wanted to personally let you know how awesome your mod is. I just bought an AFM about a month ago, and it came with your mod preinstalled. It is hands down the best mod for this machine. The thing that strikes me about your mod the most though is how professional it looks, and how it looks like it was factory installed. Thank you for releasing this mod to the community, and hopefully we'll see some more fantastic engineering from you!
260Jeffrey Reynolds Falls Church, VA (USA)  
261Ben Faber Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
262Anthony Silvestri Randolph, NJ (USA)  
263TNT Amusements Southampton, PA (USA)  
264Franco Chiaramonte Ringwood, NJ (USA)  
265Devon Irwin Thousand Oaks, CA (USA)  
266Nick Marshall United Kingdom  
267Chris Godfrey Delray Beach, FL (USA)  
268Hamish Davidson Atlanta, GA (USA)  
269Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
270Allen Scates Bonney Lake, WA (USA)  
271Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
272Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
273Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
274Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
275Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
276Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
277Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
278Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
279Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
280Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
281Nan Gritter Grand Rapids, MI (USA)  
282Mike Kissinger Blandon, PA (USA)  
283Mike Kahler Stanwood, WA (USA)  
284Bill Faith Westlake Village, CA (USA)  
285David Ezra Pasadena, CA (USA)  
286Adonbolagen AB Gteborg, Sweden  
287Mark Etch Anderson, SC (USA)  
288Marcus Bergen Portland, OR (USA)  
289Steve Cascella Cranston, RI (USA)  
290Rick Stetta Sunnyvale, CA (USA)  
291Randy Pouley Snohomish, WA (USA)  
292David Kvasnicka Wheaton, IL (USA)  
293Tony SanFelice Williamstown, NJ (USA) I usually don't have much to say about products (except my own) and since I am this anal type person when it comes to perfection, I felt compelled to send you this email after ordering and receiving one of you special order green AFM saucer kits. I really didn't understand what all the hooraa was about and all the chatter on RGP when referring to this Mod kit you made. After opening up the box and dumping out the contents on the table I noticed a static bag which contained the circuit board. I opened it and looked it over. The game already has loads of lights and now you come along and add all of this extra illumination. I got to tell you that I am very surprised at all this buyers of this kit. And if you have not been previously informed let me be the first. You did an absolutely superb job here and I am very impressed. (And that's not easy) The board is well layed out and made. Attention to detail includes the supplied clips to mount the board in the backbox so it belongs there. This is truly the missing board back there. The use of phone cord instead of regular stranded wire and using phone jacks was an excellent choice for wire flexibility and ease of installation. The kit is really worth more so I feel I got a deal. My hat goes off to you and consider yourself a credit to the hobby and a man after my own heart. So now I'm going to have to order one for my RFM because it just so, what's the word, drab and boring.
294John Cowan Audubon, PA (USA) I installed the kit two days after I received it. If it didn't take me 15 minutes to figure out how to pull the Lobster Ramp I would have been done in 45 minutes. Easy job, great instructions and an awesome product.
295Robert Hayes Clawson, MI (USA)  
296Edward Cianci North Smithfield, RI (USA)  
297Paul Levine Tampa, FL (USA)  
298John Miller Ashland, OR (USA)  
299Douglas Speidel Dumont, NJ (USA)  
300James Pieplow Stow, OH (USA)  
301Tim Paule Lakeside, CA (USA)  
302Juergen Wild Lakeside, CA (USA)  
303Don Horton Melvindale, MI (USA)  
304Jeremy M Ross Beloit, WI (USA)  
305Jeff Miller Brooklyn, NY (USA)  
306Bernie Rudd Cincinnati, OH (USA) Got the package and have both installed, everything looks and works great! I think the games are happy. In my first game after installation on AFM I ruled the universe twice. While I can rule on a regular basis, Ive only managed it twice in one game a couple of times (have had the game for about 6 years, took 2 years or so to rule the first time, and never ruled twice until the past year, Im definitely improving my playing ability over time).

Im not big on tons of mods, to borrow a quote from RGP, I dont want a pimped out Impala driven by some *******. Im also not a purist and will do things to improve function and that improve the looks, IMHO. Your kits most definitely fit in the design of the game. While I thought they would add to the looks of the games, my purchase was influenced by all the great feedback youve gotten about being well designed, documented, etc. Nothing to say but I concur with all Ive read, no need for a repeat.

Thanks again, great product, and the end result with how it looks in the game is awesome!

307Arne Asphjell Wheaton, IL (USA)  
308Peter Mathis Union City, MI (USA)  
309David Hetrick Tarentum, PA (USA)  
310John Robison Folsom, CA (USA)  
311Gary Amundsen Glendale Heights, IL (USA)  
312Jimmy Zeilinger Beachwood, OH (USA)  
313Kevin Norwood Hanover, VA (USA)  
314Joe & Claire McNeill Gilbertsville, PA (USA) Just wanted to thank you for the AFM mini saucer LED kit. I just completed the installation on my AFM and what a difference, boy they really complete the game. The assemble instructions were great and really guided me through the installation. Again, thanks and I will highly recommend to anyone who has and AFM to add your kit.
315Richard Hammond Washington, MO (USA)  
316Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
317Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
318Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
319Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
320Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
321Sarah Williams Buckley, Flintshire (UK)  
322David Gilmore Murphysboro, IL (USA)  
323Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
324Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
325Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
326Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
327Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
328Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
329Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
330Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
331Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
332Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
333Vincent Martinez Perello Alboraya, Valencia (Spain)  
334Philip Hoffiz West Bloomfield, MI (USA) I just installed Bill Ungs AFM LED kit in a game. I want to start out with how fast and timely Bill was with commutations, I needed the kit for a customer who I sold the game to and he wanted it completed for a Christmas gift for his family. I was told it would be shipped this week and it was, I also asked him to ship the unit Express mail and for a couple of extra bucks he was glad to.About the kit, I have installed every add on kit-Mod, on every pinball I have ever owned.SS Skull pile ect,, JD Dead world ball lock mod, TZ mods galore and every other one you can think of and none were as well thought out and engineered as Bills. I took my time and killed about Two hours and when I flipped the switch it was like Christmas morning as a little kid. Everything was included with easy to understand instructions. I will never have an AFM with out installing this great Mod. Thanks, bill.
335Ron Chan Hayward, CA (USA)  
336Victor Pineschi Los Angeles, CA (USA) It looks and functions FANTASTIC. Excellent product. Really makes the game come alive. Green the best, I think. Keep up the great products. Vic Pineschi
337Planet Nine Pinball Las Vegas, NV (USA)  
338Simon Lowe Buxton, Derbyshire (UK)  
339BC's Pinball Amusements Telford, PA (USA)  
340BC's Pinball Amusements Telford, PA (USA)  
341John Brannan Hillard, OH (USA)  
342Scott Benjamin Rockdale New South Wales (Australia) Received the light kit and have installed, every thing works a treat and looks fantastic, thanks very much.
343Mark & Haley Lewis Erina New South Wales (Australia) I just wanted to let you know that I received the order and everything looks great.
344Keith Elliott Carlsbad, CA (USA)  
345David Hadden Lumberton, NJ (USA) I just installed the AFM Saucer LED kit and it looks fantastic. It is so professionaly done and the final results really complement the game.
346Barry L Kline Huntingdon, PA (USA)  
347Lynn Weimer Fruitland Park, FL (USA)  
348John Papera Carlsbad, CA (USA)  
349Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
350Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
351Dino Rambidis Quebec (Canada)  
352Al Flack Rapid City, SD (USA)  
353John E Martell Langhorne, PA (USA)  
354Ronald Hallett Albany, NY (USA)  
355Richard Joyce Advance, NC (USA)  
356Eric Sarell Cerritos, CA (USA)  
357Seth A Levitt Flushing, NY (USA)  
358Tim Zollner Glen Carbon, IL (USA)  
359Mike McAndrew Canfield, OH (USA)  
360Kirk Perry Branchville, NJ (USA)  
361Mike Kloss Espergrde (Denmark) Mann this kitt looks super cool and V-professional, I'm freakign looking forward to have it installed. Thanks a lot for a flawless transaction and 1000 thanks for your honesty.
362Paul Goldenberg Avon, CT (USA)  
363John James Manalapan, NJ (USA)  
364Cynthia Koetke Montara, CA (USA)  
365Lost Board Lost Board  
366Brian Williams Redmond, WA (USA)  
367Patrick Choy Murietta, CA (USA)  
368Tormod Pettersem Baarum, Haslum (Norway)  
369Mark Freedman San Diego, CA (USA)  
370TNT Amusements Southampton PA (USA) Our third kit now, its so simple to install and makes the game look FANTASTIC!!! Todd from TNT Amusements Inc in Southampton PA
371Timothy Jones Ellsworth, IL (USA) From duane greiner and tim jones, the kit was a varry easy install and makes a good feather to the game! we are all so interested in the rfm kit? if so when will they be ready for shipping. let me know.
372Stefan Haberi New York City, NY (USA)  
373Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
374Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
375Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
376Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
377Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
378Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
379Gary Burback White Bear Lake, MN (USA) I have had a chance to play the game (ok several games) with the saucers working correctly, your is truly a wonderful lighting mod. It really enhances the original light scheme.
380Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
381Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
382Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
383Patrick Choy Murietta, CA (USA)  
384Delfante Lucien Belgique (Belgium) This kit is a perfect addition to. There are plenty of different patterns. My AFM looks better than ever! I'm really satisfied with it; detailed easy-to-understand instructions, good quality on the hardware and a light effect that's really worth it's price. Great job! :) I will definately recommend this kit to all my friends. Destroy the martians....!!!
385David Torstensson Umea (Sweden)  
386Mick Rogala Bartlett, IL (USA)  
387William J Fugle Livonia, NY (USA)  
388Chris Kennedy Perth (Western Australia)  
389Chris Hibler Wildwood, MO (USA)  
390Vincent Stevens Sotteville (France) This original part is very good for my favorite pinball. Manufacturing is professional. The Look now is very nice. Thank very much !
391Eric Engberg Cedar Park, TX (USA)  
392Marianne Weathers Parlin, NJ (USA)  
393Alexander Barberis Miami, FL (USA)  
394Lori Goodell York, SC (USA)  
395Gremillet Olivier Poissy Yvelines (France)  
396Gremillet Olivier Poissy Yvelines (France)  
397Michael Muglia Macomb, MI (USA) This is the nicest pinball mod I've seen. It is a perfect addiction to the game, and compliments the playfield nicely. I'm currently working on a mod for this kit to shut the LEDs off during Strobe Multiball and Video Mode.
398Daniel Heatherly Mechanicsburg, PA (USA)  
399LYNN WEIMER Fruitland Park, FL (USA)  
400Douglas Huse New Milford, CT (USA)  
401Robert Thibault Clearwater Beach, FL (USA) This mod is a must have for all AFM owners...makes the game come alive!
402Daniel Heatherly Mechanicsburg, PA (USA)  
403Robert Cugini Bellevue, WA (USA)  
404Stanley Simpson Essex (UK)  
405Allen Shope (Treasure Cove) Jeffersonville, IN (USA)  
406Russell Fink Tonawanda, NY (USA)  
407Rene Koluda Goelev (Denmark)  
408Rene Koluda Goelev (Denmark)  
409Rene Koluda Goelev (Denmark)  
410Paul Goldenberg Avon, CT (USA)  
411John Puckett Santa Clarita, CA (USA)  
412Mark Roberts Preston, Lancashire (UK) Kit received in perfect condition. as promised please add link to blue led photo for your feedback page.

Pics: Mark's Blue LED Kit

413Samuel Harris Mechanicsville, VA (USA)  
414Samuel Harris Mechanicsville, VA (USA)  
415Nathan Welter Anaheim, CA (USA)  
416Per Ahlenius Falun, Dalarna (Sweden) I just wanted to tell you that I have recieved and installed the AFM LED-kit and it works perfectly and looks great! :-)
417Craig Anstett West Hollywood, CA (USA)  
418Olli M Ojamies Espoo (Finland) I just wanted to thank you and let you know that my mini-saucer LED kit arrived a week ago here in Finland. The box had a dent in one corner, but everything was undamaged inside. (One led ring had changed its shape a little and screwdrivers were all over the bag, but no harm done. :)
419Daniel Heatherly Mechanicsburg, PA (USA)  
420Dave Parks St. Louis, MO (USA)  
421Vicente Martinez Perello Alboraya, Valencia (Spain) I just want to let you know that I've received your shipment today. Everything was fantastic and a very fast shipping! You sell the nicest mod ever on pinball :)
422Vicente Martinez Perello Alboraya, Valencia (Spain)  
423Vicente Martinez Perello Alboraya, Valencia (Spain)  
425Thomas Weihrauck Sjølin Frederiksberg (Denmark)  
426Brad Lovejoy Seattle, WA (USA)  
427James Wiser Cumming, GA (USA)  
428Hugh B McCreight Jr Forest, VA (USA)  
429Jesse Grant Henderson, NV (USA)  
430Miguel Padilla Contesti Islas Baleares (Spain) Hi Bill! Recently install the led kit in my AFM, and its amazing!! Thank you a lot for this great kit!!
Here there are some pictures from my AFM with your kit:
And here are the post with my restoration:
If you want to use some of this images, I can send you in high resolution. Thanks a lot!!
431Brian Munn Bloomfield Hills, MI (USA)  
432Brian Munn Bloomfield Hills, MI (USA)  
433Martin Riley Leeds (UK)  
434Brad Grant Vacaville, CA (USA)  
435William Peel Las Cruces, NM (USA)  
436Beriah Osorio Kirkland, WA (USA) the kit arrived today and i installed it this evening. the install went flawlessly and the saucers look great. i used a tiny dab of glue on a couple LEDs and hit a couple of the solder 'globs' with a touch of solder to tighten up a couple connections... wasn't necessary, just preventative stuff. incredible work you do... thanks for continuing to pump these kits out for the pinheads. enjoy the holdiays.
437Ed Storozuk Ashburn, VA (USA) I opened the mail yesterday and got a pleasant surprise...I wasn't expecting these until after Xmas!!! Just wanted to express my thanks for banging these out and have a Merry Xmas...
438Daniel Melsha Ham Lake, MN (USA)  
439John R. Miller Crestwood, MO (USA)  
440Clive Maydom Dunstable, Bedfordshire (UK)  
441Martin Carignan Quebec (Canada)  
442Stefan Bergdahl Frovi, Orebro (Sweden)  
443Stuart Wright Scottsdale, AZ (USA)  
444MARK SAUNDERS Byron Center, MI (USA)  
445Patrick King Harrisburg, SD (USA)  
446Albert Thomka North Versailles, PA (USA) I just got my AFM LED kit in the mail from Bill Ung. These are aguably the BEST pinball mods available to any game that I know of. Once you have seen a game with them installed, a regular game looks like it has something missing! Don't be discouraged if when you go to there aren't any boards in stock. Bill REGULARLY sells out of each run. Just send him the money, and get your name on the list for the next batch. You WON'T be disappointed!!!
447Thomas Palmer London, Ontario (Canada) Your mod in my AFM is fantastic! The first time I saw it at a show I thought it was factory installed because it fit the machine so well. I ordered my ATTACK FROM MARS mod the same day puchased my machine. It installed perfect without any issues.
448Martin Hirsch San Diego, CA (USA)  
449Jan Kramer Rold Jensen Storvorde (Denmark)  
450Anthony Daley Massillon, OH (USA)  
451Chris Smith Freeburn, KY (USA)  
453David Walters Battle Creek, MI (USA)  
454Adrian Gatzke Robbinsdale, MN (USA)  
455Charles Emery Benton, WI (USA)  
456Ingo Gerhard Bonn (Germany)  
457Mark Pearson Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
458Warrior Wear Anaheim, CA (USA)  
459Crane Hentz Sayreville, NJ (USA)  
460Chris Marquette sunbury, PA (USA)  
461Jerry Feld East Brunswick, NJ (USA)  
462Susan Davidson Bellingham, MA (USA)  
463Mark Roberts Lancashire (UK)  
464Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
465Pierre Maciet Montainville (France)  
466Dominique Paquet Messery (France)  
467Margaret McChesney Waukesha, WI (USA)  
468Andreas Harre Burgdorf (Germany)  
469Richard Anderson Queensland (Australia)  
470Closet-Treasures Gray, TN (USA)  
471Richard Schieve Elburn, IL (USA)  
473Rick Sliter Louisville, OH (USA)  
474Allen Shope Jeffersonville, IN (USA)  
475Brian Norouzi Tustin, CA (USA)  
476David Souza Jr Mansfield, MA (USA)  
477Bill Masterman University Place, WA (USA)  
478John Ezzo Huntington Beach, CA (USA)  
479Tim Weaver Nappanee, IN (USA)  
480Pierre-Thomas COLIN Equeurdreville (France)  
481Robert Winter Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
482Joseph Dreyer Cherry Hill, NJ (USA)  
483Douglas Huse New Milford, CT (USA)  
484Mark Szczepkowski Commerce Twp., MI (USA)  
485Barry White Allenhurst, NJ (USA)  
486Paul Welka Gilroy, CA (USA)  
487Terry Poulos New South Wales (Australia)  
489John Hoge Holland, OH (USA) Hi Bill...just wanted to let you know that I finally installed my green LEDs....these things are ridiculous (that's a good thing). A lot easier to install than I thought they might be (the reason I waited 5 months or so to install them. I went with the green for this logic....the mother ship has the green dome and red flashers, so I thought it made sense with the red domes on the smaller saucers to have green LEDs in the saucers. Was a good choice. Thanks for a superb mod.
490Jonathan Durinda New York, NY (USA)  
491Pascal Leroy Gent (Belgium)  
492Anthony Daley Massillon, OH (USA)  
493Anthony Ramos Portland, OR (USA)  
494Home Score Amusements, Inc Shorewood, IL (USA)  
495Edd Dicker Hackettstown, NJ (USA) I got my UFO LED Saucers installed.
I powered it up and Guess what?


This is such an incredible upgrade you are "da man!"

Thanks so much for adding to the hobby and the eye candy appeal it brings!
496Robert Lopez Whittier, CA (USA)  
497Vesna Nikoloski Hillside Victoria (Australia)  
498Lorenzo Lavita Milton, MA (USA)  
499Karl DeAngelo Fontana, CA (USA)  
500Bill Esquivel San Jose, CA (USA)  
501John Wart, Jr. Columbus, IN (USA)  
502,Pat Choy Murrieta, CA (USA)  
503Jim Smid Highlands Ranch, CO (USA)  
504Craig Collins Hudson, WI (USA)  
505David Hanna Bartlett, IL (USA)  
506Jerry Nemer West Linn, OR (USA)  
507Ben Quik Eindhoven (Netherlands)  
508Luther Rochester Chicago, IL (USA)  
509Reuben Minge Murray Bridge (Australia)  
510Chris Brimacombe West Yorkshire (United Kingdom)  
511Michael Harris San Leandro, CA (USA)  
512Andrew Aiken Ontario (Canada)  
513Richard Stuhlsatz Washington, MI (USA)  
514Timothy Zurow Vernon Hills, IL (USA)  
515Judy Neiner Cleveland, OH (USA)  
516Daniel Lasry France  
517John Weir Centerville, OH (USA)  
518Rick Fisher Belvedere, CA (USA)  
519Arcademania S.A.S Varese (Italy)  
520Sullivan James Norwood, MA (USA)  
521Julien Greening New South Wales (Australia)  
522Kyle Fujdala San Jose, CA (USA)  
523Sandra Fraser New South WAles (Australia)  
524Richard Zimmerman West Grove, PA (USA) Stunning, excellence!
525John E. Harris Greensburg, PA (USA)  
526Stephen Wiehe Raleigh, NC (USA)  
527Eric Johnson Lake Arrowhead, CA (USA) I received the kit today and all I can say is WOW!

Incredible piece of work, much more than a few LEDS on some wires.

I cut my hand (10 stitches) and can't use it for ten days and it is killing me not to install this and see how it looks.

I will use the U5 tip and send you some pics when I get it done.

Thanks for doing this for all us pinnuts that could never figure out anything like this.

528Vicente Martinez Perello Valencia (Spain) This is the best mod ever on a pinball machine
529Wanderer Com Inc. Mattapoisett, MA (USA)  
530Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA) WOW, you really make some complete nice kits! They look great! =)
531Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
532Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
533Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
534Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
535Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
536Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
537Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
538Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
539Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
540Lorenzo Lavita Milton, MA (USA)  
541Juuso Mäkinen Helsinki (Finland)  
542David Rojas Diaz La Coruna (Spain)  
543Steve Trischetta Franklin Park, NJ (USA)  
544Dale Wozniarski Schaumburg, IL (USA)  
545Bernat Jasanada Huguet Barcelona (Spain)  
546Jeremy and Abra Williams San Francisco, CA (USA) With great pleasure I went ahead and installed the red LED mod today. It went without a hitch, and it looks marvelous. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to install a kit that was made with such careful attention to detail and quality. A mini screwdriver set? Electrical tape? Really, you went above and beyond. You are charging too little! It's a generous thing you're doing, and I'm just glad you were still making these by the time I got an AFM (last week!).

Thanks very much for contributing this king of mods to the Pinball scene. As my 3-year-old said when he saw it, "It's beautiful!"

547Ben Quik Eindhoven (Netherlands)  
548Scott Stumpf Algonquin, IL (USA)  
549Folke Duncker Stade (Germany) First time I switched my AfM on with the Kit installed, I got tears in my Eyes. Its so damm Beautiful, and brings so much more Life into it. Absolutley stunning Awesome! I`m not a Big Fan from LED`s in Pins but this is Really the Best MOD EVER! Thank You very much for this detailed and super easy to Install Masterpiece of Upgrade!
550Mark Klein Edgewater, NJ (USA)  
551Marco Militelli São Paulo (Brazil)  
552Ola Rodenkirchen Stockholm (Sweden)  
553Michael Saraceno Mansfield, MA (USA)  
554Ben Patrick Morrow, OH (USA)  
555William Pobega Chagrin Falls, OH (USA)  
556Brian Pinkham Jackson, NJ (USA)  
557Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
558Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
559Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
560Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
561Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
562Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
563Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
564Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
565Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
566Tony Daley Dalton, Ohio (USA)  
567Jim Sterling Seattle, WA (USA)  
568Dana Mitchell Des Moines, IA (USA)  
569Mark Steinman Ligonier, PA (USA)  
570Arnaud Poussart Osny (France)  
571Joe Greiner Grosse Pointe, MI (USA)  
572Timothy S Smyth Johnson City, TN (USA)  
573Enrique Ramos Santa Clara, CA (USA)  
574Jason Brand McHenry, IL (USA)  
575Todd Tuckey Southampton, PA (USA)  
576Gary Martin Lawrence, KS (USA)  
577Sinistar Amusements Lodi, CA (USA)  
578Ben Quik Eindhoven (Netherlands)  
579Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
580Gregory Patrick Piqua, OH (USA)  
581Jose Ciminelli (Capital Pinball) Canberra (Australia) the kit looks a treat specially with my additional city scape full wrap and the extra back box inner wrap around art work ill try send you pics
582Michael Walsh Holland, OH (USA)  
583Mark Meyer Eden Prairie, MN (USA)  
584Robert Van der Velde Downey, CA (USA)  
585Robert Gould Plainfield, IL (USA)  
586Phil Sexton Colorado Springs, CO (USA)  
587Richard Van Gogh Houten (Netherlands)  
588Gregor Fabian Ingolstadt (Germany) I got the AFM UFO mod and I installed it. This is one of the greatest mods I ever seen!!!! Thank you very much! I fixed the LEDs with a hot melt glue gun, so they fits better. AFM - I love this pin :-) !
589Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
590Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
591Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
592Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
593Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
594Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
595Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
596Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
597Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
598Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
599THOM WELLER Memphis, TN (USA)  
600Mike Limberg Leverkusen (Germany)  
601Phil (Half Life) Franklin, VA (USA) All are working well and I think these should have been on the original design of the pin. Thank you for making these and allowing us to share your modification.
602Henrique Porto Sao Paulo (Brazil)  
603Brian Cheaney Tampa, FL (USA)  
604Simon Harper Winchcombe (UK)  
605Joseph Petrozza Granbury, TX (USA)  
606Cyril Demaegd Paris (France)  
607Jesse Trueblood Griffith, IN (USA)  
608Printis McGee Houston, TX (USA) I took the time today to install the AFM Saucer LED kit. Your instructions were explicit without going into too much detail. I have limited knowledge of electrical wiring and electronics, and had no problems. I spent at most 2 hours on it including wasting probably 20 minutes looking for a nut I dropped. Once finished, I turned it on, it powered up, and everything worked perfectly. The green LEDs I chose look great.
609Donald JOHNSON Olmsted Falls, OH (USA)  
610Sean Casey San Jose, CA (USA)  
611Allen Shope Jeffersonville, IN (USA)  
612Manny Marrison West Sussex (UK)  
613Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
614Jason Perry Stamford, CT (USA)  
615Robert Cugini Renton, WA (USA)  
616Richard Adamiec Sayreville, NJ (USA)  
617Allen Shope Jeffersonville, IN (USA)  
618Jonathan Jones Carol Stream, IL (USA)  
619Tom Errico Tampa, FL (USA) I just received your AFM Mini-Saucer LED Kit and installed it in my machine last night. It looks fantastic, as I expected it would, but I did have a problem that I wanted to ask you about...although I did manage to work around it.

What I experienced was my mini saucers were extremely slippery, as if they were made of Teflon or some plastic that is naturally slick. The problem was every time I would arrange and insert the LED's into the holes around the dome they would literally fall right out. The combination of the tension from the wires and leads of the LED's just made this job almost impossible. Plus it seemed the holes in the saucers were too big, yet all six of them were identical

After many long frustrating hours (like about 3) I managed to form & then hot glue the LED's in place. This worked even though the hot glue didn't stick to the saucers very well either. The rest of the installation was a breeze and the final effect was awesome.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into this type of problem or do you think maybe my AFM has some strange mini saucer replacements that are not exactly like the originals ? No bad intent towards your mod, I love it and am very satisfied. I guess I'm hoping others haven't had the same problems with installing the LED's.

620Susan Octavio Canton, OH (USA)  
621CW Hutchins Matthews, NC (USA)  
622Alexander Gray Santa Monica, CA (USA)  
623David Peterson Johnsburg, IL (USA)  
624Thomas Palmer London, Ontario (Canada)  
625Jim McCune Saint George, UT (USA)  
626Nicola Ciliberti Garbagnate Milanese (Italy)  
627Nicola Ciliberti Garbagnate Milanese (Italy)  
628Erling Grinrød Stavanger, Rogaland (Norway) I just installed both the LED-kit and the Expansion kit, and WOW!! This must be the best mods available, adding so much to the game!.

Played my first game after i installed the kits, and got to super-jets and Strobe multiball, and everything worked like a dream!

629Severine Lebitter Virey Sous Bar (France)  
630Nicole Johnson Lethbridge Alberta (Canada)  
631David Bishop Kent (UK)  
632Planet Nine Pinball Las Vegas, NV (USA)  
633Jamie Webber Nolensville, TN  
634Rocky Mountain H2 Long Beach, CA (USA)  
635Steve Mavrelos Easton, PA (USA)  
636Seth Schlegel Delray Beach, FL (USA)  
637Colin Gawthorpe Ceredigion (UK)  
638Rocky Mountain H2 Long Beach, CA (USA)  
639Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
640Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
641Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
642Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
643Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
644Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
645Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
646Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
647Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
648Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
649Jean-Francois Maes France  
650Eric Kightlinger Tampa, FL (USA)  
651Steven Daniels Bellingham, MA (USA)  
652Joe Krajnyak Peoria, AZ (USA)  
653David Ward Kankakee, IL (USA)  
654Marcel Gonzalez Hialeah, FL (USA)  
655Nick Kovalevsky Las Vegas, NV (USA)  
656Eric Bundy Vernon, CT (USA)  
657Randall Odom Savannah, GA (USA)  
658Gary W Highland, UT (USA)  
659Sergio Godoy São Paulo, Brazil  
660North Suburban Apparel Minneapolis, MN (USA)  
661Bryan Boland Dunlap, IL (USA)  
662Guy Timmis London, UK  
663Tony Millband Nottingham, UK  
664Aaron Van Patten Melrose Park, IL (USA) Thanks for letting me know and all your help with my questions. I am very happy with the AFM and RFM kits, they look amazing and are by far the best mods I have ever added to a game. Everyone that has seen them in my games really likes them.
665Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
666Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
667Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
668Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
669Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
670Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
671Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
672Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
673Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
674Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
675Luke Phillips New South Wales, Australia A fantastic Mod by the way! I am going to start my own Pinball mod website here in Oz soon. I will be buying more of these in a hope to sell more of them here :)
676Erik HOHLER Pickerington, OH (USA)  
677Pat Choy Murietta, CA (USA)  
678BigBoss Software LLC Hillsboro, OR (USA)  
679BigBoss Software LLC Hillsboro, OR (USA)  
680Thomas Graf Appleton, WI (USA)  
681Mary Corrigan Johnston, IA (USA)  
682Kurtis leigh Adams Queensland, Australia  
683Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
684Timothy P LaPean Minneapolis, MN (USA)  
685Ryan Kruse Omaha, NE (USA)  
686Ryan Kruse Omaha, NE (USA)  
687LYNN WEIMER Fruitland Park, FL (USA)  
688Jim McCune Saint George, UT (USA)  
689Patric Hilgert Germany  
690Marco Lembke Germany  
691Scott Stratmann St. George, UT (USA)  
692Fanny Sunesson Augusta, GA (USA)  
693Fanny Sunesson Augusta, GA (USA)  
694Benjamin Michael Moser Germany  
695Forbelsop, Inc Florence, KY (USA)  
696Patrick VanCott Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
697Douglas Huse New Milford, CT (USA)  
698Benoit Courant France  
699Justin Busch Hilton, NY (USA)  
700Jeremy Williams San Francisco, CA (USA)  
701LEERGUT NORD, A. Symolka Germany  
702Mark Wentroble Plano, TX (USA)  

If you have updates to the list, please send E-Mail.

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