Revenge from Mars
Mini-Saucer LED KitTM

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Customer Feedback and Owner's List

Serial No. Owner's Name Location Comments
1Steve Tsubota Newport Coast, CA (USA) Note: Steve loaned his HUO RFM to me to work on this project, and it is currently still at my house. My eternal thanks to Steve for letting me use his RFM game, for without it we could have never gotten this far. -Bill
2Kevin L'Heureux Santa Clarita, CA (USA) Installed the board this morning and everything is AOK! I definitely like how you slowed the patterns down and extended them. Overall I think the light show is very nice and I am pleased. I really like the red led's but the more I thought about it, it may be because they contrast with the green domes on the ships so maybe the green led's would look better to me if they were used with ships with red domes. Just a thought. let me know if you have any more questions, i'm glad to help.

Note: Kevin is my main beta tester, and allowed me to do initial development on his HUO RFM. I'd like to thank him as well for all his time and the feedback he provided to help shape this product. -Bill
3Tim Stephens San Jose, CA (USA) Bill, I know I already emailed you, but I wanted to tell you again how happy I am with my RFM saucer kit. AWESOME!
4Curtis Hughes Colorado Springs, CO (USA)  
5Dan Gossett Palm Desert, CA (USA)  
6Tim & Shelly Paule Lakeside, CA (USA)  
7Robert Winter Los Angeles, CA (USA)  
8John Arriola Scotts Valley, CA (USA) I received the RFM-LED kit today and installed it in about 20 minutes. Cool addition to the game, looks like it belongs! Thanks for your efforts bringing this to us pinheads. I recommend this mod to any serious RFM owner.
9Les Potts Sunderland, Tyne and Wear (UK)  
10James Larson Pfafftown, NC (USA) All is functioning as designed, no problemos. Looks great! Thanx!
11Daniel Maertens Andover, MN (USA)  
12John Pedrotti Pittsburgh, PA (USA)  
13Eric Hagman Sumner, WA (USA)  
14Al Flack Rapid City, SD (USA) Kit went in awesome, one small problem but Bill answered emails quick & the problem was resolved fast. The saucer kit is the best(& easiest) mod I have ever installed. Made my RFM a "brighter" game to play! Can't wait to get the AFM kit installed!
15Michael Reul Maple Grove, MN (USA) Just wanted to let you know that I have installed my kit and think it looks great.
17H W Wright Pacific Palisades, CA (USA)  
18Jesse Balcer Indianapolis, IN (USA) Thanks again, we all love the upgrade..........seems like it should have been there all along.......that's when you know that you have made a good mod!
19Ken Schumm Banks, OR (USA) I installed Bill Ung's RFM saucer light kit and must say it definitely adds to the game. It's very cool! RFM already has great light shows and Bill's kit makes 'em even better. The kit was easy to install, with good instructions, and it fits well into existing cable harness routing. Highly recommended for anyone considering it.
20John Pedrotti Pittsburgh, PA (USA)  
21John Pedrotti Pittsburgh, PA (USA)  
22Ron Salny Rockaway, NJ (USA)  
23David Brittin Mukilteo, WA (USA)  
24Stephen Cousineau York, ME (USA) I'm glad to report that my kit went in very easily and have had no (electrical) problems to date. The pin has been used extensively for about a week now. I did have an issue that the led's were quite loose in the holes and I did need some adhesive to secure them.
25Virtual Realities Galveston, TX (USA)  
26Hemispheres Inc. Lombard, IL (USA)  
27Willy Wormgoor Lochem, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands  
28Michael Paul Burlington, WA (USA)  
29Hamish Davidson Atlanta, GA (USA)  
30Trent Augenstein Delaware, OH (USA)  
31Timothy Knight Mount Pleasant, SC (USA)  
32Flipperwinkel.NL Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands  
33Greg Kemnitz Greenfield, MN (USA)  
34Chris Mckinley Quakertown, PA (USA) What a wonderful piece of engineering!!!!
35Jerry Thompson Auburn, WA (USA) Thank you for the excellent kits!
36Roger Thornton Holmfirth, West Yorkshire (UK)  
37Vi Tran San Gabriel, CA (USA)  
38Vincent Princiotta Baldwin Place, NY (USA)  
39No Scholl Brunssum, Limburg, Netherlands  
40Jeff Tjaden Montgomery Village, MD (USA)  
41Thomas Moczko Geisenbrun, Germany  
42Albert Thomka Mc Keesport, PA (USA) Got my RFM saucer light kit yesterday, and just HAD to come home early today to install it. Man, all I can say is that when I see a RFM without the kit now, it's going to look naked for sure! I can only IMAGINE how nice the AFM kit must make that game look since there are six saucers on that came as compared to only two. For anyone waiting to get their kits, the wait is WELL worth it! DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER! Get your kit too!
43Gregory Deakin Sterling Heights, MI (USA) Just finished installing the led kit (red) that Bill Ung sells and boy does it give the game a nice look. Bill is a class act and sells a great product right down to providing a needed "fix", easy to follow instructions and return postage. Thanks Bill !
44John Harr New Hope, MN (USA)  
45Ken FitzHenry Round Lake, IL (USA) Your kit is very well thought out. It was very easy to install.
46Kraig Ashley Roswell, GA (USA)  
47Daniel Slimm Omaha, NE (USA)  
48Neo Skywalker Burlington, WI (USA) Installed the kit and everything works great. Excellent job on the design and quality. I am in complete awe at your ability to design such a complex system all by yourself. Superb! When I first put it in, I flicked on the power and nothing happened. No startup or nothing. I was freaking out. Damn that red button. Still don't know how it ended up getting pushed :)
49Timothy Crowley Eagle River, AK (USA)  
50Scott Zerby Shorewood, MN (USA) The kit is installed and looks fantastic! Thanks for doing this for us pinball fans.
51Kelley Pendergast Waite Park, MN (USA)  
52Tim Hanian Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
53Jeff Lange Brookfield, WI (USA)  
54Brian Acebedo Lake Forest, CA (USA)  
55Frank Toth Benson, NC (USA)  
56Roy Fash Cleveland, OH (USA)  
57Marcus Bergen Portland, OR (USA)  
58David Kvasnicka Wheaton, IL (USA)  
59Tim Storm Machesney Park, IL (USA)  
60Brad Chamberlain Anaheim Hills, CA (USA)  
61Thomas Moczko Geisenbrunn, Germany  
62John Papera Carlsbad, CA (USA)  
63Bronson Daley Delaware, OH (USA)  
64Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
65Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
66Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
67Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
68Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
69Adam Savoroski La Mesa, CA (USA) Bill, I just installed my RFM light kit. I bought it about 5 weeks ago. First let me say that I was impressed with the quality of the kit. Very well done. And after installing it I am not disappointed. Fantastic. Easy to install and adds so much to the game. Thanks very much.
70Austin Gallagher Beaver Creek, OH (USA)  
71Christopher Senior Gibsonia, PA (USA) I finally got my machine to where it lights up. The first thing out of my wife's mouth was "I like the spinning lights on the saucers". I did not even tell her I installed them. I can't say enough good things about the kit, so to sum it up... Excellent product!!!
72Mike Limberg Leverkusen, Germany I Installed my kit and everything works great. Super design and quality. I love the RFM upgrade Kit it looks realy cool :-) Thanks Bill !
73Arne Asphjell Wheaton, IL (USA)  
74Chris Benn Ontario, Canada  
75Bernie Rudd Cincinnati, OH (USA) Got the package and have both installed, everything looks and works great! I think the games are happy. In my first game after installation on AFM I ruled the universe twice. While I can rule on a regular basis, Ive only managed it twice in one game a couple of times (have had the game for about 6 years, took 2 years or so to rule the first time, and never ruled twice until the past year, Im definitely improving my playing ability over time).

Im not big on tons of mods, to borrow a quote from RGP, I dont want a pimped out Impala driven by some *******. Im also not a purist and will do things to improve function and that improve the looks, IMHO. Your kits most definitely fit in the design of the game. While I thought they would add to the looks of the games, my purchase was influenced by all the great feedback youve gotten about being well designed, documented, etc. Nothing to say but I concur with all Ive read, no need for a repeat.

Thanks again, great product, and the end result with how it looks in the game is awesome!

76Bryan Kelly Farmington, MN (USA)  
77Vince Birdsley Prior Lake, MN (USA)  
78Robert D Sitz Cando, ND (USA)  
79Karl Ruehs Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
80Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
81Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
82Bay Area Amusements San Jose, CA (USA)  
83Mike Beyer Richmond, VA (USA) Got it installed last night. looks great. I'm not sure who likes it more - me or my 4 year old son. Thanks.
84Joe Weiss Park City, UT (USA)  
85Richard Sullivan Sinking Spring, PA (USA) Bill clearly did a great job engineering and designing this mod. I was very impressed with all aspects of his work. In addition, great communications and support to provide a clean installation. Most importantly, the mod really adds to the game while looking like it should have been there from the day the machine was built. Great job Bill!
86Luc Van Esch Zonhoven, Limburg (Belgium) Amazing ... your MOD's ROCK. My AFM has always been the most favorite of my 85 machines, your mini-saucer kit's are SoCool. The circuitboards are really professional, the wiring clean perfect and the tools included great. This is the best, most effective and affordable mod i have ever installed. It is even more eyecatchy than the red neon in my TAFG. Looking forward some more BillModding...returning back to battle.


87Lisa Mailley Westville, NJ (USA)  
88Jamming Gems Hendersonville, TN (USA)  
89HSA Pinball Shorewood, IL (USA)  
90TimeCycle Couriers Philadelphia, PA (USA)  
91Michael O'Brien Seattle, WA (USA)  
92Greg Davis Phoenix, AZ (USA)  
93James B. California (USA)  
94John Bystrek Paoli, PA (USA) Bill, I installed the RFM kit, looks awesome. All I need now is a AFM so I can install your kit for that one also.
95Tony SanFelice Williamstown, NJ (USA)  
96Tony SanFelice Williamstown, NJ (USA)  
97Dale Garbutt Sumas, WA (USA)  
98Brett and Laura California (USA)  
99Steve Tsubota Newport Coast, CA (USA)  
100John Van Valer Folsom, CA (USA)  
101Bill Esquivel San Jose, CA (USA)  
102Scott Fitzpatrick Gembrook Victoria (Australia) I received my kit yesterday, and I fitted my kit yesterday. They look very cool!!! Instructions are very clear & easy to install, even for someone who is a bit of a mono-cell when it comes to electronics. Thankyou...Guys like you are an asset to the pin community!
103Kathy Bakula Dexter, MI (USA)  
104Daniel Molnar Lebanon, IN (USA)  
105Michael Pupo Fleetwood, PA (USA)  
106RJ Sands Marietta, GA (USA)  
107Vicente Martinez Perello Alboraya, Valencia (Spain)  
108Stephan Suys Ogdensburg, NY (USA)  
109John James Trenton, NJ (USA)  
110BC's Pinball Amusements Telford, PA (USA)  
111BC's Pinball Amusements Telford, PA (USA)  
112BC's Pinball Amusements Telford, PA (USA)  
113BC's Pinball Amusements Telford, PA (USA)  
114Kenneth Fleck Cedarburg, WI (USA) Bill - Your light modification to my Revenge From Mars is excellent in every way. I had no problem following your installation directions and the modification really makes the machine come to life! Its hard to imagine the pin never having those saucers lit up. Thanks for the creative addition that makes an already great pin even better.
115Jason Mayer Canyon Country, CA (USA)  
116Scott Torpe Crystal Lake, IL (USA) I want to congratulate you again on an excellent implementation of your mod.
117Michael Tokarski Canton, MI (USA)  
118Robert Giblin Baltimore, MD (USA)  
119Richard Dion Florissant, MO (USA)  
120Dennis Chaney Hurricane, WV (USA)  
121Matthew Brinster Norfolk, VA (USA) Bill, I got the kit. Looks impressive. I'm going to install it later today. Thanks for the extras. I've got Spiderman and was wishing I had the flyer. Now I do! Thanks again.
122Mark Combs Cincinnati, OH (USA) Just wanted to thank you for the RFM kit. I installed it last week and it looks and works great! You did a nice job with the wiring also and it made the installation easy.
123Brian Munn Bloomfield Hills, MI (USA)  
124Sal Anfuso Milford, NH (USA)  
125Terry Weaver Kalamunda (Western Australia)  
126Eang Thai Ow Vancouver (Canada)  
127Bryan Jozwiak Bartlett, IL (USA)  
128Gary Lou Houston, TX (USA)  
129Steve Hess Irvington, NY (USA)  
130Spencer Carey Winter Park, FL (USA) Bill, got the kit the other day, thanks again!
131Marty Bryant Abbotsford (Canada)  
132Eric Levinson Livingston, NJ (USA)  
133David Torstensson Umea (Sweden)  
134Timothy Jones Ellsworth, IL (USA)  
135Tim Maleck Manchaca, TX (USA)  
136Douglas Huse New Milford, CT (USA)  
137Douglas Huse New Milford, CT (USA)  
138Bradford Tuttle Whitewater, WI (USA)  
139Troy Wm Tuttle Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)  
140Stuart Caines Moe Victoria (Australia)  
141Steven Winslow Valencia, CA (USA)  
142Control Your Home, Inc. Muskegon, MI (USA) Highly recommended! SO well integrated with the game software. I was amazed at the amount of work that Bill must have done to make this function like it should have been there, and install easily too! PCI card, plug and play cables, and the rest were easy to install. The LED's take a bit of time to get straight, but once in, they stay there. Absolutely no regrets getting this mod.
143Gary W. Isobe Santa Clara, CA (USA)  
144Lost Board Lost Board  
145David Gilmore Murphysboro, IL (USA)  
146Steven Gligorea Escalon, CA (USA)  
147TNT Amusements Southampton PA (USA)  
148TNT Amusements Southampton PA (USA)  
149TNT Amusements Southampton PA (USA)  
150Antonio DeLaTorre Yuba City, CA (USA)  
151William Bisbee Herndon, VA (USA)  
152Scott Freeman Westland, MI (USA)  
153Scott Freeman Westland, MI (USA)  
154Kim Mitchell Longmont, CO (USA)  
155M. Anthony Kapolka Dallas, PA (USA)  
156Mark Saunders Byron Center, MI (USA)  
157Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
158Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
159Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
160Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
161Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
162Michael Rakes Centerville, UT (USA)  
163David Dalski Allen, TX (USA)  
164Potula Theofilopoulos Eldersburg, MD (USA)  
165Brad Loofbourrow Santa Cruz, CA (USA)  
166Brad Loofbourrow Santa Cruz, CA (USA)  
167Vincent Stevens Roen (France) Easy install and perfect part. Manufacturing is professional. The Look now is very nice; Thank very much !
168Richard Vanderwiede Tarpon Springs, FL (USA)  
169Alexander Barberis Miami, FL (USA)  
170James Sullivan Keansburg, NJ (USA)  
171Heather Nijman Delft (Netherlands)  
172Marcus Bergen Portland, OR (USA)  
173Gregg R Bizier Rancho Mirage, CA (USA)  
174Edd Cramer Brooklyn, NY (USA) Yes if you own a RFM you should not even think about weather or not you should add this mod.

The addition of Bill Ungs Mod brings your playfield to life as never before.

The kit is complete, well made and easy to install and dare I say one of the best Plug and Play Pinball visual Mods out there.

175Chris Watts Liberty Twp., OH (USA)  
176Demery Webber Jacksonville, FL (USA)  
177Wilf Schubert Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)  
178Marc Johnson Buffalo Grove, IL (USA)  
179John Schlarb Duluth, GA (USA)  
180Elliott MCGIBBONY Boronia Victoria (Australia)  
181Elliott MCGIBBONY Boronia Victoria (Australia)  
182Joseph Andre Cathedral City, CA (USA)  
183Scott Schreiber Bealeton, VA (USA)  
184San Martin Sacramento, CA (USA)  
185John Ezzo Huntington Beach, CA (USA)  
186Kevin Strasser Brunswick, GA (USA)  
187Eric Kamen Aurora, CO (USA)  
188Margaret McChesney Waukesha, WI (USA)  
189Andrew Bukacek Waukesha, WI (USA)  
190Steve McNabney Saint John, IN (USA)  
191Steven Nelson Vancouver, WA (USA)  
192Dave Bishop Alberta (Canada)  
193Michael Chestnut Gallatin, TN (USA)  
194Mark Klein Edgewater, NJ (USA)  
195Paul Kiefert Sugar Hill, GA (USA)  
196Melanie Campbell Danville, VA (USA)  
197Robert Fesperman Barium Springs, NC (USA)  
198Chris Basler Highland, IL (USA)  
199Karl DeAngelo Fontana, CA (USA)  
200Pat Choy Murietta, CA (USA)  
201Julius Johnson Jr Tinton Falls, NJ (USA)  
202Jim Smid Highlands Ranch, CO (USA)  
203Terrance Glover Ontario (Canada)  
204Julien Greening New South Wales (Australia) I just wanted you to know I got your kit and installed it into my RFM, it works great, great job thanks.
205Henry Nanjo Antelope, CA (USA)  
206Peter Troost Wayland, MA (USA)  
207Angela Dodson North Humberside (United Kingdom) Just a quick note to say that we received the RFM Mini Saucer LED kit Mod late last week

Everything arrived safely and we were able to install it same night following your excellent instructions and also using your website to look at the close up pics

Myself and my other half were very impressed with the Quality of the kit and had no problems whatsoever in fitting it, (this being our first foray into doing anything technical with our pinballs)

The only thing we had to do was to use a glue gun to fix the LEDS in place, we had bought extra replacement saucers to use, so these might be slightly 'looser' for fit anyway

Once installed, the pinball booted up with no problems at all, and I must say that the saucers look amazing and have really added to the atmosphere and enjoyment of Revenge from Mars

Thank you so much for a wonderful Mod and a superb service

Angela & Darren

208Eric Andries Braine L'alleud (Belgium) Receved the kit today
Already place it in the RFM

one word GREAT

thank for the job you made

i placed some publicity for you on me forum

Link 1: RFM-LED Kit

Link 2: RFM-LED Kit Installation

209Richard Stuhlsatz Washington, MI (USA)  
210Michael Johnson Mansfield, MA (USA)  
211Michael Haberman Ellicott City, MD (USA)  
212Marlowe Koch Richfield, MN (USA)  
213Jared Goike Standish, MI (USA) Thanks for the RFM Mod, it installed easily and looks fantastic!!!
214Allen Cihak New York, NY (USA)  
215Luc Van Esch Zonhoven (Belgium)  
216Luc Van Esch Zonhoven (Belgium)  
217Luc Van Esch Zonhoven (Belgium)  
218Luc Van Esch Zonhoven (Belgium)  
219Luc Van Esch Zonhoven (Belgium)  
220Neville Jukes New South Wales (Australia)  
221John Scohy Charleston, WV (USA)  
222The Goat Store, LLC. Milwaukee, WI (USA)  
223Dawn Antinozzi Bloomfield, NJ (USA)  
224Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA) WOW, you really make some complete nice kits! They look great! =)
225Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
226Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
227Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
228Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
229Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
230Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
231Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
232Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
233Pinball Decals, Inc. McDonough, GA (USA)  
234Brian Hawkins Attleboro Falls, MA (USA) Just got around to installing your kit. You did a great job putting everything together and making easy to follow directions. I did have a problem with some of the LED's on one saucer. After some debugging I narrowed the problem down to the #2 cable from the computer box to the playfield coupler. Nothing looked obviously wrong but I recrimped the end and it now works fine. If you decide to put together a martian LED eyes kit for it let me know.
235Rad Goodell York, SC (USA)  
236John Weir Centerville, OH (USA)  
237Brian Roberson Summerville, SC (USA)  
238American Sports Media Victor, NY (USA)  
239Richard McLain Kiowa, CO (USA)  
240Gregery Adair Henderson, NV (USA)  
241Mike Kissinger Blandon, PA (USA)  
242Michael Fisher Boronia Victoria (Australia) Just wanted to thank you for the RFM Led Mod. It took less than an hour to install (I removed the playfield entirely is at made it much easier for me) and everything worked first time. It looks fantastic and I was extremely impressed by the quality of the product and the design itself.
243Shayne Ford Kilsyth Victoria (Australia)  
244Vintage Amusement Company Windham, ME (USA)  
245Dwight Bonney Canberra (Australia) I've played RFM so much lately, I feel guilty :) . I just love watching the LED lights between shots.
246Chris Toomey Sudbury, MA (USA)  
247Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
248Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
249Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
250Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
251Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
252Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
253Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
254Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
255Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
256Marco Specialties, Inc. Lexington, SC (USA)  
257Bruce Freohlich Northbrook, IL (USA)  
258Brian Vargish Oak Hill, VA (USA)  
259JILL GOULD Plainfield, IL (USA)  
260Walt Feeger Rapid City, SD (USA) I have installed the kit and it works great - really adds a lot to the game. Thanks again!
261Rachel Colombi West Yorkshire (UK)  
262FRANK REIHEL New Lenox, IL (USA)  
263Brian Sherman Northbrook, IL (USA)  
264Bjørn Gammelgaard Grindsted (Denmark) I must say that the LED-kit is a high quality product based on excellent engineering, and makes it a SUPER GREAT upgrade for the RFM machine!

It is an absolute delight to watch the LED saucers doing their show during shots, and the way that the LED´s interacts with the gameplay (flashes at the last ramp shot and turns off during Hypno Beam) is absolutely fantastic, and makes gameplay very rewarding indeed!!

265Joe Schall State College, PA (USA)  
266Shaun Khorsandi Weehawken, NJ (USA)  
267BigBoss Software LLC Hillsboro, OR (USA)  
268Jonathan Jones Carol Stream, IL (USA)  
269Ken & Rhonda McIntosh La Mesa, CA (USA) We received the kit this AM and installed it this afternoon. It works great & was easy to install. Thank-you for your innovation for this game. We saw you and your product last year at California Extreme. Will look for you this year.
270Clifford Tucker Andergrove Queensland (Australia)  
271Shelley Hahnke Mesa, AZ (USA)  
272Paul Demetriou Lindenhurst, IL (USA)  
273Michael Gervasi New Bedford, MA (USA)  
274Samuel Jacobson Tampa, FL (USA)  
275Pascal FERDINANDE France  
276Lori Goodell York, SC (USA)  
277Shayne Braid Canada  
278John Hanson Longmont, CO (USA)  
279Christoph Luescher Switzerland  
280Diane Boucher Lafayette, CO (USA)  
281Aaron Van Patten Melrose Park, IL (USA) Thanks for letting me know and all your help with my questions. I am very happy with the AFM and RFM kits, they look amazing and are by far the best mods I have ever added to a game. Everyone that has seen them in my games really likes them.
282Michael Sinko Maple Grove, MN (USA)  
283James Walters Douglassville, PA (USA)  
284TJ Beyer Oakland, CA (USA)  
285Scott Pierzchala Grand Rapids, MI (USA)  
286Sandra Fraser Australia  
287Rob Verboven Amsterdam Netherlands  
288Walter Gorczowski Homer Glen, IL (USA)  
289Mike Stewart Austin, TX (USA)  
290Paul Ferfon SAINT PAUL, MN (USA)  
291TREY JONES Austin, TX (USA)  
292Timothy Enders Franklin, WI (USA)  
293Keith Strassel Pittsboro, NC (USA)  
294Shawn Gioiosa Altoona, PA (USA)  

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