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Mini-Saucer LED KitTM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tools are required to install the kit?
A: Installation of the board only requires a phillips head screwdriver. Installation of the mini-saucer LED units can be mounted inside your saucers with the use of a small flat-head jewelers screwdriver. Installation of the Q25 connector should be able to use the same jewelers screwdriver. I am now including a jeweler's screwdriver set with every kit, so you should have everything you need, right in the box.

Q: I am missing some mini-saucers on my game. Does the kit come with any replacement saucers, or do you sell these?
A: The kit does not include any mini-saucers, nor do I have any currently for sale. These parts can be found by checking with your favorite pinball parts vendor, or asking about them on-line.

Q: Can you do other LED colors besides red? Blue LEDs would look super-cool!!
A: Yes, other colors are certainly possible. Even mixed colors could be done. There would likely be a surcharge for the custom parts/work. Email me first for a quote on any custom order.

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