Attack from Mars
Mini-Saucer Expansion KitTM

How to Install the AFM Mini-Saucer Expansion Kit
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting
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Your Attack from Mars Mini-Sacuer Expansion Kit will perform best on a well maintained machine. The steps outlined in Chapter 1 are the best place to start.

If the Super Jets flashlamp burns out, it may cause the board to think Super Jets is running all the time.

Additional troubleshooting steps will be added as issues are uncovered in the field.

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AFM Expansion Board Pinouts

  • Power Connector (Future Expansion)
    • J10-1: Key
      J10-2: Gray-Yellow, +12v
      J10-3: Black, Ground
      J10-4: Gray, +5v

  • Power Connector feed from Power Driver Board
    • J11-1: Key
      J11-2: Gray-Yellow, +12v from J138-2
      J11-3: Black, Ground from J138-3
      J11-4: Gray, +5v from J138-4

  • Power Connector to AFM-LED Board (Daisy Chain)
    • J12-1: Key
      J12-2: Gray-Yellow, Unused
      J12-3: Black, Ground to AFM-LED J0-1
      J12-4: Gray, +5v to AFM-LED J0-4

  • GI Input from Power Driver Board
    • J13-1: Orange, G.I. for Super Jets
      J13-2: Yellow, G.I. for Super Jets
      J13-3: Green, G.I. from Power Driver Board
      J13-4: Key
      J13-5: Violet, G.I. from Power Driver Board
      J13-6: White-Yellow, G.I. from Power Driver Board

  • GI Output to Insert Panel
    • J14-1: N.C.
      J14-2: Green, G.I. to Insert Panel
      J14-3: Key
      J14-4: N.C.
      J14-5: Violet, G.I. to Insert Panel
      J14-6: N.C.

  • Attack Hallway LED Connector (Left Wall)
    • J15-1: Blue
      J15-2: Yellow
      J15-3: Green
      J15-4: Red
      J15-5: Black
      J15-6: White

  • Attack Hallway LED Connector (Right Wall)
    • J16-1: Blue
      J16-2: Yellow
      J16-3: Green
      J16-4: Red
      J16-5: Black
      J16-6: White

  • GI Output to Super Jets
    • J17-1: Violet-Red, G.I. for Left Jet Bumper
      J17-2: Key
      J17-3: Violet-Orange, G.I. for Right Jet Bumper
      J17-4: N.C.
      J17-5: Violet-Yellow, G.I. for Bottom Jet Bumper

  • Mothership Signals / AFM-LED Enable
    • J18-1: Orange-White, Solenoid 39 (Strobe Light)
      J18-2: Violet-White, Solenoid 38 (Mothership LED Data)
      J18-3: Brown-White, Solenoid 37 (Mothership LED Clock)
      J18-4: Key
      J18-5: Yellow, Mini-Saucer LED Enable, to AFM-LED U4 socket

  • Super Jets: Switch/Flashlamp
    • J19-1: Red, to Super Jets Switch Assembly
      J19-2: Black, Ground, Return from Super Jets Switch Assembly
      J19-3: Key
      J19-4: Blue-White, Super Jets Flasher Lamp socket
      J19-5: Blue-Black, Solenoid 22 (Super Jets Flasher signal)

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