Attack from Mars (Remake)
Mini-Saucer and Expansion KitTM

Apologies on this work-in-progress. This installation guide encompasses two kits, so it's a little long. Some parts were borrowed from previous guides (since it's the same routine), and hopefully it's not too rough or uneven. I'll try to make updates based on feedback. Also, this guide probably looks better on a laptop than a phone or tablet, but I'll do my best to test it out on multiple devices.

Chapter 1: Tools and preparation
Chapter 2: Mounting the board(s) and connecting power
Chapter 3: Inserting LEDs in the Mini-Saucers
Chapter 4: Installing the mini-saucers back in the game
Chapter 5: Setting up the Hallway LEDs
Chapter 6: Running wiring harnesses under the playfield
Chapter 7: Connecting the Backglass GI
Chapter 8: Testing and jumper settings
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting

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