Attack from Mars (Remake)
Mini-Saucer and Expansion KitTM

Chapter 6: Running wiring harnesses under the playfield
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Here is a close-up of the installed boards. This section will focus on the Expansion board, and installing the following wiring harnesses:

  • J13 - GI power: Yellow, Orange and White/Orange wires
  • J14 - Backglass GI: Green, Purple, Green/Black and Purple/Black
  • J17 - Super Jets GI: Purple/Red, Purple/Orange and Purple/Yellow
  • J18 - Mothership Signals: Red, Green, Blue and Grey
  • J19 - Super Jets Flasher/Switches: Blue/White, Blue/Black, White/Green, White/Yellow and White/Orange

  • The Mothership Signals cable goes to the 8-pin connector on the left
  • The Super Jets Switches cable goes to the 6-pin connector in the middle
  • The Super Jets Flasher cable goes to the 8-pin connector on the right
  • The GI Power cable goes to the 4-pin connector on the far right (second pic)

Remove the original cable, connect the new cable onto the board, and then connect the original cable into the Z-connector. Make sure all wire colors match, with the exception of the Super Jets Flasher cable, where the Blue/White and Blue/Black wires will not match since we are intercepting the signal.

In the Super Jets section, you'll want to look for a small soldered connector, as shown in the first picture. The Super Jets GI connects here, you will need to remove the WHITE wire for each bumper GI LED.

Wires are relatively short, it may be helpful to use pliers to help strip a bit of insulation off the white wire, then use the supplied twist-caps to connect the white wire to the proper signal wire.

  • Left Bumper: Purple/Red
  • Bottom Bumper: Purple/Orange
  • Right Bumper: Purple/Yellow

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