Attack from Mars (Remake)
Mini-Saucer and Expansion KitTM

Chapter 8: Testing and jumper settings
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    Test Jumper Settings

      Jumper #1: Diagnostics Mode
      Jumper #2: Super Jets Test Mode
      Jumper #1 & 2: Input Test Mode

    Note: The AFMr Kit does not have a #8 position.

    Diagnostics Mode

    Set a jumper horizontally, connecting the top two pins from the first row of the header. This test cycles through the backbox GI, the Jet Bumper GI, the "Super Jets" Flasher, the Attack Hallway LEDs and the AFM-LED mini-saucer enable/disable signal. The entire test takes about two minutes to run a full cycle.

    Remove the jumper(s) at anytime to end the diagnostics routine(s).

    For proper testing, please be sure the coin door is closed or the "Super Jets" flasher will not activate.

    Super Jets Test Mode

    Set a jumper horizontally, connecting the two pins from the second row of the J20 header. This turns on the "Super Jets" feature all the time. The Jet Bumper GI will run the cycling animation, and any jet bumper hit will trigger the flasher. You can use this mode to verify that each bumper properly triggers the flasher. If not, you may need to re-orient the sensor below the Jet Bumper Coil Assembly.

    Signal Input Test Mode

    Set Jumpers #1 and #2 to enter the Signal Input Test Mode. The LEDs on the left wall of the Attack Hallway will show you the status of the input signals being fed into the AFM Expansion board. The LED closest to the flippers is LED #1.

      LED #1: General Illumination (Yellow GI string) detected
      LED #2: Jet Bumper hit detected
      LED #3: Super Jets flasher detected
      LED #4: Strobe Light detected
      LED #5: Mothership LED Data (Blue)
      LED #6: Mothership LED Data (Green)
      LED #7: Mothership LED Data (Red)
      LED #8: (not used)

    Note: This may be easier to view if you lower the target bank.

    Configuration Jumper Settings

      Jumper #3: Enable Backglass GI "Blackout" Feature
      Jumper #4: Strobe MB Hallway LED Enable
      Jumper #5: Super Jets Animations Setting (0 = Chase, 1 = Blink)
      Jumper #6: Hallway LED Animation Pattern Select (0 = Auto, 1 = Select)
      Jumper #7: Hallway LED Pattern Preference (0 = Alternating, 1 = Synchronous)

    The most common setting is to enable Jumper #3 only, but you are welcome to customize your kit as you like.

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    Chapter 8: Testing and jumper settings
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