Attack from Mars (Remake)
Mini-Saucer and Expansion KitTM

Chapter 7: Connecting the Backglass GI
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The Backglass GI connection comes from the J14 header, located in the upper-right corner of the AFMr Kit. The wires are mainly green, and purple.

This is what the "light tub" wiring looks like for the Backbox General Illumination (GI) upgrades. There is one Purple General Illumination (GI) connection, and (surprise!) two Green GI connections. The main Green GI connection is closest to the Purple GI connection (middle of the pic). The other Green GI connection is usually nearby (approx 2 inches), but sometimes there are games where the second Green GI connection is further away. Again, I do not know why there are variations, but if your game has the two Green GI connections located further than 2 inches apart, send me the distance between the two connections, and I'll send you a proper cord.

Disconnect the Purple GI Connection, and the two Green GI Connections. The original Purple, and Green GI cables should connect to the respective Z-connectors on my cable. Then the remaining connectors should be plugged into the open backbox connections.

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Chapter 7: Connecting the Backglass GI
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